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Which horrible Kellie Leitch policy is the worst?

Conservative leadership frontrunner Dr. Kellie Leitch, who refused to fund abortions for victims of war rape as status of women minister, has been a fountain of abhorrent wedge issues over the past month. No wonder she was so ebullient at the surprise victory of Donald Trump.

Since her tearful apology for the "Barbaric Cultural Practices hotline" that helped show Canadians that Harper's Conservatives were literal cavemen, Leitch has done her best to double down on offensive, racist and dangerous policies. She wants to screen any new Canadians for "Canadian values" (she'd probably fail if such a test were possible). She wants to eliminate any carbon tax while the planet is under siege from climate change. And this week she swore she would dismantle the CBC since it can't survive without public money (the same might be said of Conservative MPs, Kellie).

Oh, she's also refused to condemn any racist supporters. In fact, when asked, she said she was "delighted" at the "wide range of individuals" supporting her campaign.

So, um, which of these policies feels the most like a punch to the gut?