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Which of these progressive issues can you just not believe we're still fighting for?

An unnamed Globe and Mail columnist who set new records for plagiarism in 2016 just wrote about how there's "no consensus" on climate change. You know, the thing 97 per cent of the world's scientists...ugh, I'm getting demoralized just writing this sentence. YES, THERE IS CONSENSUS ON CLIMATE CHANGE, MR. "CANADA'S PAPER OF RECORD."

"I can't believe I'm still protesting this shit" is basically an evergreen motto to bring to any demonstration these days, even more so with Donald Trump in the White House. Apparently, previously won battles like Keystone XL and basic human decency need to be refought.

The tragedy taking place in Aleppo is proving once again that destabilizing the Middle East (or anywhere) through thoughtless imperialist regime change never works out for civilians. And, of course, Justin Trudeau is proving that no one Liberals like the Liberals when it comes to signalling left and turning right.

So what shit can you not believe we're still protesting?