Economist Jeffrey Sachs at #Occupy Wall Street

| October 10, 2011
Economist Jeffrey Sachs at #Occupy Wall Street

Watch Jeffrey Sachs, leading environmentalist and economist, and a respected Professor at Columbia University, speak out at the growing, inspiring Occupy Wall Street movement. Sachs is one of many professors, celebrities, community leaders, spiritual leaders and public figures who are speaking out in support of the OWS movement and what it stands for.



Jeffrey Sachs's democratic credentials are about as solid as Jeffrey Dahmer's credentials as a good neighbor.

It's eerie to listen to a man who has done so much in the service of the corporatocracy now talking about the problem of the corporatocracy, a term coined by someone who bears a striking physical resemblance to Jeffrey Sachs. John Perkins has written about his own past service to the corporatocracy and encourages us to reject that American-led system.

Naomi Klein has some interesting things to say about Jeffrey Sachs in her book, "The Shock Doctrine."

I am aware that there is some controversy about whether Jeffrey Sachs is reformed. I hope he is. All I know is that the destruction he has helped bring about is enormous.

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