So, it's a revolution in Quebec

| June 7, 2012
So, it's a revolution in Quebec

A short documentary on the historic significance of Quebec's student and popular movements. Edited and narrated by Dany Papineau




Privatization, the ultimate goal.

Corporate Tyranny, The Liberal / Conservative (Conservative Extremist) Bi-partisan Dictatorship and Canada’s Young Population.

(Just have to tag on here, however it applies, and get some of this ‘ship’ of my chest - getting it out to as many as possible - and best to read through to the end as it comes around to the Students and situation in Quebec)

“Just my Opinion!” Last week there was a media escalation in the great lie about Canada’s aging population. Odd as in January, I believe, there was a back door announcement from the Federal Government that the average age of a worker in Canada was down to 34.

Last weeks news flurry was in the face of the facts that there was another abet smaller baby boom in the 1980’s that continued into the 1990’s and extends even to today. Plus, the corporate influenced Fed’s have flooded the country with new immigration since the late 1960’s and had virtually double the national population by the end of the last millennium.

“Funny” …remember, right up and into the ‘90s they had everyone convinced there was “0” population growth, 1.5 kids per family? Yet by that time Calgary and Edmonton’s population had doubled (although denied officially) and B.C.’s Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island and the Okanogan valley had nearly tripled yet the rest of the country was still growing (I’m a 30 year commercial pilot right, I’ve seen our world evolve from the air – retiring in 2006, and flying privately since 1972).

If I remember correctly, in the early mid eighties the national debit was 16 Billion dollars and the deficit was 8 Billion dollars. Today, 35 Billion Dollars for a hand full of jet aircraft, 114 Billion in secret bailouts and waivers to the five major Canadian banks during the current recession yet they're telling us there is no money for Education, Healthcare and Pensions? And they just cut 30,000 federal employees and the associated services!

When I was in High School, College and S.A.I.T. here in the early 1970’s, Calgary’s population was 450K. Finally, just a year or so ago, the city ‘Finally’ fessed up, confessing that we now have over 1.2 million people - after years of perpetual un-truths.

Proof – proof of where I’m coming from? Look at the age of people around you (at shopping malls etc.). Look at local maps or aerial photographs of the above locations from around 1970 and then look at the same on Google Earth today. THEN, on top of that, factor in the trend to high density housing that also started in the late ‘60s; back to row housing – town houses and condo’s, and then apartment buildings and high rises, and reducing the single family housing lots from 50 feet to 25 (Huh! …isn’t that a fire hazard? And look at where all our trees are going!).

Aging Population or Population Explosion?


Corporations are manipulating our Government when corporate greed has already wreaked havoc on most of the western world. Corporate Government is trying to tear down the entire social infrastructure we, our parents and grand parents built and contributed to. In Alberta, public utilities are already gone; they're already talking about tolling our roads and highways – electronically (the wonders of proposed privatization at a prior public expense).

(QR77 "Capitalist Radio, Calgary" - prime venue for our new provincial Conservative/Conservative Extremist government - did a poll just yesterday, June 6, asking Albertain's if they would be in favor of tolling our roads and highways "To Make Them Safer").

REMEMBER: The new investors don’t make a profit until they get their money back. As with our public utilities, we here in Alberta didn’t personally realize any of the proceeds of the sales, yet we once owned them and now have to pay for them all over again.

Where did the money go? Foreign and domestic give-a-ways (cash, natural resources, student seats?), corporate hand outs and private contractor mega profits?

Things are going down right now, people. Rise up and be heard before it becomes illegal everywhere. Support the Students and the protesters of the Subjugation Bill in Quebec! It becomes a Dictatorship when the Quebec government ignores the voices of it's people and sticks with it's own agenda.  And it's coming this way, Canada, maybe it always was.

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