Maude Barlow speaks at 'no pipelines, no tankers' protest

| October 25, 2012

Maude Barlow gives a great speech at the Defend our Coast rally in Victoria. "Pipelines are the arteries and the blood lines of the Tar Sands. If we allow these pipelines to go ahead this means the oil industry will be setting energy policy in Canada because they will demand that the pipelines be kept full."

NO to the Tar Sands pipelines - No to Enbridge! No to Kinder Morgan! and no the the fracking pipelines for LNG (liquified natural gas).

Video production by Paul Manly



Maude Barlow wrote:
We have to build solidarity between pipeline struggles. We can't say one is OK and another isn't. We have to say no to Kinder Morgan, we have to say no to Enbridge, we have to say no to the fracking pipelines and the LNG.

Well said.

Dave Coles take note!

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