Educate yourselves: A message to all Canadians about Idle No More

| December 31, 2012

A response to all the uneducated, ignorant comments about First Nations and the Idle No More movement. Every Canadian has the responsibility of learning the actual history of Canada.



Thank you young man for the spirit with which you spoke.  I am a displaced Metis who continually tries to speak from an informed place about the history of this land and in so doing, encounter uninformated and misinformed people.  My mother often uses the expression, 'rise above it' and I think you have done this in your speech.  It doesn't mean be quiet. It means, adopt a position of strength that comes from recognizing that we are all on paths of learning. We must neither let other people's limited understanding nor their oppressive actions, deter us from pursuing justice. 

Well, There's lots to talk about. Our friend is feeling a lot of pain, which normal people will care about. First Nations people have been treated very badly, but they - the people - weren't created by imperialists. The root of your flaws? Not quite. The root of many of your problems can certainly be traced back to uncaring Canadian governments. You can have flaws quite independent of 'our' colonialist governments, which, indeed have caused an unimaginable amount of suffering to First Nations people. And it's unique abuse - although abuse of the weak by the strong is not unique - as anyone who follows politics knows. I just finished, mostly, Todd Gordon's great book titled "Imperialist Canada," which goes into quite a bit of detail about how Canadian governments have raped over, and are still raping over, First Nations peoples. Please consider reading it. Imagine; This government is deliberately working with powerful special interests to trick First Nations people out of their property so that their private sector friends can have it and make money from the resources on and in it and they shamelessly plan to employ jobless First Nations people to do the work of resource extraction on their own stolen lands!

You don't need to believe in, or not believe in, or even like (as irrational as that may be) First Nations people in order to objectively assess how they've been dealt with by the same type of people who are rampaging around the planet ruining socieites, killing people and ruining the environment. Capitalists will pay close attention to First Peoples. Count on it. First Nations people are right in the path of capitalist expansion (going north into indigenous terrorities and south into Latin America) and capitalists are keen to get their hands on every bit of others' property as they can - because they truly do respect the concept of private property. So, Perhaps, First Nations people could stand to have regular Canadians pay as much attention to their situation, and the politics affecting it, as unprincipled capitalists are paying. Progressives are, Are they not, caring by definition? That's us.

And if all the attention that chief Spence and those who are supporting her get also manages to make any would-be traitors among First Nations people a bit more shy about cutting deals with wolves in democratic garb shy to do so, all the better.

The whole world, rulers and ruled, rich and poor, strong and weak, smart and not so smart, is following a paradigm that just can't bring God's blessing. That doesn't means that God doesn't care. It means he does care. 'Riches for the strongest' is a contradiction in terms - when we weren't designed to compete like animals. But you can just call me nuts for believing that. My idea of gold is Jesus's rule about treating others the way that I'd like them to treat me. Call it socialism or socialism for everyone. But capitalists prefer their socialism for a minority, along with the freedom to break written and unwritten rules as they exploit, which means that being dishonest about their practice of socialism (or predatory capitalism, or corporate socialism, as David Johnston calls it hardly bothers them. Corporatists: You had better be right about your plan to survive any way you can, without regard for principles or the harm your strategy may do to others. Because if you're not right, and there's a God of love and righteousness, then you'll certainly have to face his judgment.

Russell Means: "I don’t want to be remembered as an activist. I want to be remembered as an American Indian patriot.”

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