Wab Kinew: Five myths about Indigenous people in Canada

| January 7, 2013

Wab was on George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight to talk about First Nations stereotypes and why people need to stop using them. 



Perhaps rabble.ca would like to post another video beside this one



or this one:




Never a good ides to give anyone a free ride. Fair = Fair, right?


ps: I don't mind the long hair.

Hey Francien, perhaps you want to stop perpetuating the myth that all Canadians are crypto-fascists such as yourself?  Better yet, perhaps I can pay your way to move somewhere in the mid-pacific ocean along with the other manure emanating racists in this country?  Do intelligent Canadians a favour - educate yourself about the historical and ongoing hegemonic, postcolonial entanglements that are killing Indigenous people on a global scale and stop perpetuating the right wing drivel that defines your headspace and the mass media. Laughing

Start by reading this.


Healthycanadian: Aren't you the cute one. You accusing me of being racist while you write nothing but disrespect in my direction. Oh, you people are priceless. You think I am surprised by your response to my post?


The next thing you will see is that I am not allowed to post on rabble,ca anymore because I represent the other side of a story and that may not be allowed here on this site, But then again, rabble,ca might surprise me!

ps: I really don't mind the long hair.

The fact that you conclude your first comment with "I don't mind the long hair" and your second comment with "I really don't mind the long hair" demonstrates your language of discrimination, ie. racism.  If you were not racist you would not end with these comments.

And the fact that you think this the rabble people posting to you is hilarious.  Do you follow conspiracy forums as well?

And the fact that you think this is a 2 sided position as indicated by your statement "because I represent the other side of a story" perhaps suggests your inability to read clearly.  Try thinking rather than invoking false dichotomies.  If you do not understand my comments or the words I used, I suggest you look them up.  Start with a dictionary. 

I get that one tends to get emotive when their hiding pain underneath such hate.  But if you begin to admit that it is there then you can begin to tackle some of bigger problems.  Ask yourself this - why come to a forum where you disagree with their perspectives, and yes, there are many.  But that's what people such as yourself do - you try to simplify these complex socioeconomic political issue as a right versus left, or if in the US a republican versus liberal (which in terms of their political parties are the same by the way).   I feel sorry for you.

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