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We interrupt this cat video with something genuinely important

Laureen Harper hosted an awards ceremony for cat videos on the Internet. Then things got real, with questions about missing and murdered women and why there has been no inquiry.

"Mrs. Harper was in Toronto to introduce 'Just for Cats: Internet Cat Video Festival'. The event appears to be part of a larger Conservative strategy to 'exploit Laureen Harper's popularity' to win re-election in 2015. However, the PR exercise was unexpectedly disrupted when Hailey King, a 21-year-old student and volunteer at a local women’s centre interrupted Harper’s speech to ask the following question:

Video: Tell Obama 'no to deportations'

On April 5, 2014 there were marches and demonstrations at 80 cities across the United States protesting the ongoing deportations of many people. Under the Obama administration over two million people have been deported -- the largest number of any U.S. presidency.
This is the march and gathering in front of the massive Eloy, Arizona private detention centre, which is completely dedicated to deportees. People marched 60 miles over three days to deliver their message for justice. 
There is a nationwide call that two million is too many -- asking President Obama to halt the mass arrests and deportation of undocumented immigrants.
The pressure will be kept on with many people going to Washington, DC for a massive protest.

A Tribe Called Red releases new 'Sisters' music video

A Tribe Called Red has released their first music video 'Sisters' from their award winning album 'Nation II Nation.'

The video follows three Indigenous women on their way to one of A Tribe Called Red's "Electric Pow Wows." Check it out! 

Video: Law Union of Ontario 'A Sex Worker Perspective'

The Law Union of Ontario held a panel discussion "A Sex Worker Perspective" to discuss the future of sex work legislation in Canada.

Opening Correction Elder: Laureen Waters, speakers: Terri-Jean Bedford, Karin Gallind, Chanelle Gallant. Moderator: Audrey Huntley.

Video: Secrets of the gender pay gap revealed

Ontario's gender pay gap, according to latest Statistics Canada figures, is 31 per cent (based on all male and female average annual earnings -- including part time workers). The gap is much higher for women of colour, women with disabilities or Aboriginal women.

The gap persists due to two major reasons:
- women face barriers to higher paying jobs where men predominate
- job classes dominated by women are paid less than comparable men's work (such as, secretaries and truck drivers as featured in the video)

Equal Pay Day is April 16, 2014.

Equal Pay Day illustrates how far into the next year a woman must work to earn the same amount a man made in the previous year. 

Canada needs to #Stand4Medicare

Monday, March 31, marked the day the federal government withdrew from any leadership role in health care in Canada.

This withdrawal of federal leadership will lead to a fragmentation of services across the country, and access to care will depend on where you live and your ability to pay.

Instead of coordinating a national action plan for health care, the only plan is to cut health transfer payments and shift the risk onto provinces and patients.

Canada needs a new health accord and Canada needs to #Stand4Medicare.

Tegan and Sara celebrate LGBTQ activism at Junos

Tegan and Sara won big this year at the Junos and in their acceptance speech gave thanks to years of hard-fought battles by LGBTQ activists and their allies.

Check out PressProgress for more on this video.

Video: Picket to defend Canada Postal Service

Protest against the plan to terminate door-to-door mail delivery hit Toronto streets and the mass media on Saturday afternoon, March 15. Close to 100 people answered the call of Socialist Action and braved freezing high winds to picket the constituency office of Conservative Minister of Natural Resources Joe Oliver at Lawrence Ave. and Bathurst St., a busy uptown intersection.

Members of more than a dozen labour unions, political and community groups rallied to demand that Canada Post Corporation and the Conservative federal government of Stephen Harper reverse the decision to phase out home mail delivery to over five million addresses, and refrain from increasing the price of postage.

Video: How can we organize against multiple oppressions?

LeftStreamed presents this four part series on organizing against multiple oppressions and asks these questions:

How does class exploitation intersect with racism and hetero-patriarchy to sustain and reproduce capitalist rule? Are forms of oppression predicated upon race or gender necessary to capitalist social relations? How does our analysis influence our organizing? What type of organizing projects do we need to develop in 2014 that can take into account these insights?

View the whole four part series here.

Chaired by John Sharkey. Presentations by:

Video: Canada only works if we work, right?

How many jobs have you had? Operation Maple gives us this upbeat workers montage of all those jobs in Canada. Canada only works if we work right?

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