Book Review
Dec 10, 2015

'Economics for Everyone' is a handbook for the 99%

Roshini Nair
Does economics=capitalism? No, it does not says Jim Stanford. Here's why we need to consider other ways of organizing our economy (written in an accessible, friendly voice!).
Book Review
Aug 7, 2014

SOS! Alternatives to capitalism needed please

Errol Sharpe
Is capitalism run by greed? You bet! We need alternatives to capitalism that rely on compassion and courage if we are going to avoid economic and ecological disaster.
Book Review
Jan 31, 2013

Book review: Thieves of Bay Street

Al Engler
Bruce Livesey makes the case that the Canadian government and the courts turn a blind eye to scams, rip-offs and blatant frauds by brokers, investment houses, banks and corporate executives.
Book Review
Aug 2, 2012
End This Depression Now!

Paul Krugman: How to End This Depression

Fred Block
Paul Krugman is stepping up to play the kind of role that John Maynard Keynes performed in the 1930s -- arguing in clear accessible language for the government to spend to get us out of the slump.
Book Review
Mar 18, 2011

How corporate tax breaks hurt humanity

Joan Baxter
Treasure Islands is a jaw-dropper of an expose of how the moneyed elites use offshore to hide and grow their wealth and of how this affects the rest of humanity.
Book Review
Feb 25, 2011
The Enigma of Capital

Has capitalism reached its limits?

Al Engler
In The Enigma of Capital, David Harvey makes the case that the capitalist drive to accumulate wealth and maximize profits leads to recurring financial crises.
Book Review
Jul 15, 2010

Jim Stanford's summer reads

Jim Stanford
Jim Stanford reviews four economics books including Spark by Frank Koller, How Markets Fail by John Cassidy, Economics for the Rest of Us by Moshe Adler and Economic Democracy by Allan Engler.
Book Review
Jun 17, 2010
Greed, Lust & Gender: A History of Economic Ideas

Economic thought from a feminist

Marjorie Griffin Cohen
Nancy Folbre focuses her critical eye on the inter-relationship between greed and lust as it relates to the idea of self-interest in capitalist economic life.
Book Review
Aug 20, 2008
 Economics for Everyone: A Short Guide to the Economics of Capitalism

Economics 101

Jenn Watt
Ever wondered how our economy works? Why capitalism and what are the alternatives? If so, then Jim Stanford's <i>Economics for Everyone</i> is the book for you! Whether you're an inquisitive student,
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