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Sep 1, 2011
Luz Sees The Light

Teaching peak oil to preteens

Airin Stephens
Claudia Davila's debut graphic novel, Luz Sees the Light, sets Luz and her friends on a path to transform their fossil-fueled world.
Book Review
Aug 12, 2010

Kenk: Bike thief with a green agenda?

Tara Quinn
In Toronto, Igor Kenk's name is synonymous with "bike thief." But a graphic novel about his life presents a more nuanced portrayal than any of the media coverage granted him. Excerpt included!
Book Review
Apr 16, 2010
Hipless Boy by Sherwin Tjia

Hipless in Montreal

Jessica Rose
Set against a backdrop of urban Montreal, The Hipless Boy is a collection of 45 semi-autobiographical short stories by Sully, the pen name of poet, graphic novelist and illustrator Sherwin Tjia.
Book Review
Mar 13, 2008

Grace under pressure

Jessica Rose
Mariko and Jillian Tamaki's debut graphic novel explores love, sexuality, friendship (or the lack of friendship), and suicide as experienced by 16-year-old Wiccan Goth, Kimberly Keiko Cameron (a.k.a.
Book Review
Apr 18, 2007
 Something to pet the cat about

Fighting gravity

Lisa Foad
This debut graphic novel from Montreal-based artist andwriter Elisabeth Belliveau compiles the artzines that generated much buzz when shebegan circulating them in Montreal.Divided into five segments
Book Review
Sep 28, 2005

Show and tell

Jane Henderson
A new graphic novel, <I>Dragonslippers</I>, deals with one woman's struggle to leave an abusive relationship. Its author, Rosalind B. Penfold, joins in a new tradition, carved in ink by artists befor
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