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rabble radio

rabble radio is the flagship show of the rpn. It's a mix of political commentary, soundseeing tours, movie reviews, and the latest in Canadian music. It's all produced by a country-wide cadre of volunteers.
rabble radio

#135 - Eye (or ay ya ya) on politics, robocalls and environmental assessment

March 2, 2012
| In this podcast we hear a robocall and talk to the guy who recorded it. Thomas Ponniah on Robert LePage, the latest from the activist toolkit, and changes to the Environmental Assessment Act.
Length: 34:52
rabble radio

#134 - War, love, dissent, education

January 31, 2012
| In this podcast, Thomas Ponniah's first audio column on strategies for building change. Calming cyberattack worries. Creating a dissent-friendly country. Education and art. It's all on rabble radio!
Length: 28:55
rabble radio

#133 - 2011 roundup from rabble.ca podcasts

December 28, 2011
| In this podcast, we look back over 2011, rabble.ca's 10th year. From demonstrations in Egypt to Occupy to Canada's First Nations, we covered it all on the rabble podcast network.
Length: 26:02
rabble radio

#132 - Home and away: Abdelrazik, Pikangikum and Attawapiskat [podcast]

December 2, 2011
| In this episode: music to celebrate Abousfian Abdelrazik, with Attawapiskat in the news a look back at Pikangikum's crisis, Raffi sings for #Occupy, and Bond is back with DVD recommendations.
Length: 35:40
rabble radio

#131 - Who are those that #occupy?

November 1, 2011
| In this episode, intrepid rabble reporters talk to the people who chose to #occupy. Michael Stewart heads to Vancouver, while Matthew Adams and Meagan Perry take on Toronto.
Length: 23:09
rabble radio

#130 - How to get active in your community

September 23, 2011
| In this podcast: how to get active in your community, 9/11 and Muslim women, Aboriginal awareness week and a rebroadcast of Stephen Lewis' eulogy for Jack Layton.
Length: 31:34
rabble radio

#127 - Jack Layton's dream for the NDP (archival interview, 2003)

August 27, 2011
| Jack Layton, just after his election, speaking to Saskatoon 90.5 FM host Don Kossick about his dreams for the NDP.
Length: 15:04
rabble radio

#128 - Remembrances of Jack Layton from those who knew him

August 27, 2011
| Memories of Jack Layton from those who knew him: young volunteers, political leaders and activists.
Length: 10:56
rabble radio

#129 - Jack Layton's funeral

August 27, 2011
| The complete audio from Jack Layton's funeral. Eulogies by Mike and Sarah Layton, Stephen Lewis and Karl Belanger.
Length: 1:45:18 minutes (120.56 MB)
rabble radio

#126 - No activist slowdown for summer

August 18, 2011
| In this podcast: teaching and writing music with women prisoners, the life of a disability activist, and what it means for one street to move from bookshops to bars.
Length: 25:26