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rabble radio

rabble radio is the flagship show of the rpn. It's a mix of political commentary, soundseeing tours, movie reviews, and the latest in Canadian music. It's all produced by a country-wide cadre of volunteers.
rabble radio

Episode 144: Necessities: taxation, climate justice, equality, and hockey

May 1, 2013
| Necessities. We take a look at what some are calling the tax cut scam, we explore the need for climate justice and how to get there, we examine the role of inequality, and yes, the love of hockey.
Length: 31:12 minutes (42.93 MB)
rabble radio

Episode 143: Covering terrain: Nishiyuu, Fukushima, and feminism

March 29, 2013
| We hear from activists involved with the Nishiyuu journey, an update from Fukushima, a reflection on feminisms, a new struggle for the African Canadian community in Halifax, and a musical treat.
Length: 31:22 minutes (43.16 MB)
rabble radio

Episode 142: Going courting

February 26, 2013
| From land claims at the Supreme Court, to mental health and the basketball court, to courting trouble with the climate, to courting death in a new way, tune in for compelling stories from the rpn.
Length: 30:13 minutes (27.74 MB)
rabble radio

Episode 141: The body politic

January 30, 2013
| In this episode, we talk about the Idle No More movement, monsters and capitalism, internships, and human trafficking. Find it all on the rpn.
Length: 25:33 minutes (23.47 MB)
rabble radio

#140 Shifting power in 2012

December 19, 2012
| Clayton Thomas-Muller and Keira-Dawn Kolson on climate change and climate justice, Joanne Dallaire discusses Attawapiskat, Mike Layton and Deb Singh on resisting violence against women.
Length: 34:27 minutes (47.38 MB)
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#139 Space for change: Gaza, Facebook, feminism

November 30, 2012
| In this episode we look at spaces for change, and where and why it is needed and happening -- from Gaza, to Facebook, to politics, to feminism and humanism, and to 100-year reflections on change.
Length: 27:21 minutes (37.64 MB)
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#138 Halloween: What scares are left?

October 29, 2012
| From zombie ideas, to the ruling on Khadr, to the sexualization of girls, there is plenty to give a good fright. For treats, we have a story on theatre and physics, plus a song about F-35 planes!
Length: 22:54 minutes (31.53 MB)
rabble radio

#137 - Free assembly: Queer Edmonton, Slutwalk and Casseroles

June 4, 2012
| Darrin Hagen on 20 years of queer art and activism on the prairies. Kim Crosby on creating a more inclusive Slutwalk for year two of the march. François-Olivier Chéne on Canada's Casserole protests.
Length: 31:12
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#136 - This May Day: Art and activism from Sarah Boothroyd

May 1, 2012
| For May Day -- audio art from Sarah Boothroyd that touches on ethics, justice, democracy, protest and global citizenship. It's wonderful.
Length: 30:12
rabble radio

#135 - Eye (or ay ya ya) on politics, robocalls and environmental assessment

March 2, 2012
| In this podcast we hear a robocall and talk to the guy who recorded it. Thomas Ponniah on Robert LePage, the latest from the activist toolkit, and changes to the Environmental Assessment Act.
Length: 34:52