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Why don't women's issues matter in the Toronto mayoral election?

Photo: flickr/Olivia Chow

It's an almost perfect paradigm of the importance of women in municipal politics.

It's November, a year ago, and Rob and Doug Ford are roaming up and down in front of the gallery seats, taunting the members of the public who have come to watch Toronto City Council strip the mayor of most of his powers.

Just after the mayor has turned away, he hears a scuffle break out between his brother and a citizen; rushing around the tier of councillor seats in a frenzy to join the fray, the tank-sized mayor crashes into diminutive Councillor Pam McConnell and knocks her over, grabbing and righting her just before she actually hits the floor.



Politics doesn't stand a chance in the Ford family psychodrama

Photo: AshtonPal/flickr

Here's what I find unforgivable about the Fords; it took till now to figure it out. It's not their right-wing politics. There's lots of that around. It's not the bullying, bullies can be dealt with. Nor their huge ambition and sense of political entitlement. It's not Rob's moral foibles or unsavoury social life or his crassness.

image by Natalie Lochwin
| September 18, 2014

How Doug Ford challenges the progressive vote

Photo: Flickr/Shawn Merritt

When someone is deeply pathological, it's hard to know where truth ends and the con begins. It's also difficult to know what they themselves believe. Do they even recognize their lies and manipulations? As George Costanza once said "It's not a lie, if you believe it".

Which brings us to Doug Ford. The first time city councillor -- who served constituents very poorly in his single term for Toronto's Etobicoke Ward 2 riding -- now wants to be mayor of Toronto. Just how long he has had this goal is anyone's guess.


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