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Disgraced Canadian politicians star in Alltime TV lineup

image: flickr/Kevin Simpson
Innovative TV startup Alltime capitalizes on on-demand trends and disgraced Canadian politicians to bring you pay-per-episode programming. Get ready to cancel your cable.

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Alltime TV unbundles cable, hires disgraced politicians

image: flickr/Kevin Simpson

Taking its cue from the continued popularity of On Demand services, an innovative startup called Alltime TV is launching a new set of programming for the watch-now, on-demand crowd. It's pay-per-episode cable, but that's not all this new broadcaster has got up its sleeve.

Alltime has taken the extraordinary step of hiring a number of Canada's embattled or disgraced politicians -- including Patrick Brazeau and the Ford brothers -- as political pundits, reality stars and actors in a move to capture the disgruntled cable viewers that make up much of Canada's television consumerscape.


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