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| November 16, 2013
| November 15, 2013
Stephen Harper
| November 15, 2013

A dark force unleashed: How Rob Ford has demonized Canadian democracy

Photo: Andrew Louis/flickr

Folks, I'm warning you, there's a new threat looming at City Hall. 

Listen up to all the solemn talk about rehab and Rob dealing with his "problem." Is this scandalous situation really about something as ordinary as addiction and its redemption? No way. That's just another pernicious new storyline that simply doesn't fit the crime. 

I understand why the chorus of experts witnessing the Ford affair latch on to the familiar substance abuse drama. It's so clearly a major player in the cast of insidious characters now on the city stage. Of course Rob Ford is dangerous both to himself and others. But rehab doesn't cut it as an endgame. Even forcing him to step down doesn't do justice to the situation at hand.

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| November 14, 2013
James Andre
| November 13, 2013
| November 10, 2013
Spiro T. Agnew
| November 9, 2013

'Boys will be boys:' Rob Ford and toxic masculinity

Photo: flckr/calix

Violent temper. Refusal to admit wrongdoing. Penchant for expressing every feeling as anger. Penchant for expressing anger through physical intimidation. Homophobia and transphobia. Impulsive, risky behaviour with no consideration of potential consequences. Obsession with the competitive parts of politics (campaigning) and disdain for the collaborative parts. "Boys will be boys" brand excuses for egregious behaviour.

Yup. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford sure is winning at Toxic Masculinity Bingo.


Through all the scandals and blunders, Rob Ford still wins

Rob Ford lies and confesses. Rob Ford makes racist and homophobic slurs and doesn't repent. Rob Ford blunders and doesn't correct. Why does he still win?

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