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Krystalline Kraus

Activist Communique: A Rally to Save Toronto from Rob Ford (Nov. 13)

| November 6, 2013
Jesse McLaren

Austerity and the politics of the Ford scandal

| November 4, 2013

Bye bye Ford and Harper: Would their departure have any benefit for Canada's Left?

Image: rabble

There is the sound of champagne corks being popped and cheers in the streets. Everyone smiles at each other and winks, knowing that soon it will all be over. The hated burgermeister is falling and no one, except perhaps his family, will be sad to see him go. And he has been felled by none other than that champion of democracy, Toronto Police Chief William Blair.


Is it time for the Conservative base to give up on Harper?

| November 4, 2013

Rob Ford or the Toronto Star: Who do you trust?

| November 3, 2013
David J. Climenhaga

Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Halloween 2013: A meditation on power

| November 1, 2013

Video: Ford Brothers fleeing Toronto City Hall - October 31, 2013

"We have recovered a digital video file that is consistent with what has been described in media reports."  Toronto Chief of Police, Bill Blair, on the Rob Ford video, October 31, 2013.

With news that the police have the infamous "crack video" in their custody, the media descended on Toronto Mayor Ford's office today. The Mayor made a brief statement, and fled.

This video was captured by Toronto Video Activist Collective.



Gerry Caplan

Secret Conservative strategy leaked ahead of Policy Convention!

| October 28, 2013

It is time for a war on the car

| October 24, 2013
Krystalline Kraus

Activist Communique: Activist's bike accident prompts advocacy for better protection for cyclists on Toronto streets

| September 9, 2013
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