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| November 10, 2013
Spiro T. Agnew
| November 9, 2013

'Boys will be boys:' Rob Ford and toxic masculinity

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Violent temper. Refusal to admit wrongdoing. Penchant for expressing every feeling as anger. Penchant for expressing anger through physical intimidation. Homophobia and transphobia. Impulsive, risky behaviour with no consideration of potential consequences. Obsession with the competitive parts of politics (campaigning) and disdain for the collaborative parts. "Boys will be boys" brand excuses for egregious behaviour.

Yup. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford sure is winning at Toxic Masculinity Bingo.


Through all the scandals and blunders, Rob Ford still wins

Rob Ford lies and confesses. Rob Ford makes racist and homophobic slurs and doesn't repent. Rob Ford blunders and doesn't correct. Why does he still win?

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Not Rex: How Toronto's crack-smoking Mayor Rob Ford wins

Mayor Rob Ford admitted he smoked crack in a drunken stupor. And he made racist and homophobic comments too! So what! It's just more breadlines and circuses. Thank goodness there's a Great White Hope!

All politicians are liars: We need a politician that wants to make the truth different

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Rob Ford lied. Politicians are liars. If we want Rob Ford to stop being a politician, who will replace him? Another liar?

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| November 6, 2013
| November 6, 2013
| November 4, 2013

Bye bye Ford and Harper: Would their departure have any benefit for Canada's Left?

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There is the sound of champagne corks being popped and cheers in the streets. Everyone smiles at each other and winks, knowing that soon it will all be over. The hated burgermeister is falling and no one, except perhaps his family, will be sad to see him go. And he has been felled by none other than that champion of democracy, Toronto Police Chief William Blair.


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