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Author reading: Cathi Bond's Night Town

July 5, 2013
| Cathi Bond presents the first reading in a series from her new novel Night Town.
Length: 11:01 minutes (10.16 MB)
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The Great Revenue Robbery: The story of the tax cut scam with Dennis Howlett

April 18, 2013
| An interview with Dennis Howlett of Canadians for Tax Fairness and contributor to "The Great Revenue Robbery: How to Stop the Tax Cut Scam and Save Canada," edited by Richard Swift.
Length: 21:04 minutes (29 MB)
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Monsters of the Market: Zombies, Vampires, and Global Capitalism - An interview with Professor David McNally

January 10, 2013
| In this episode of radio book lounge, Ali Mustafa interviews Professor David McNally about his new book, 'Monsters of the Market: Zombies, Vampires, and Global Capitalism.'
Length: 32:11 minutes (29.48 MB)
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Episode 41: Speaking Up: On language and politics in Canada and Quebec with Marcel Martel

December 4, 2012
| A conversation with Marcel Martel, co-author (along with Martin Pâquet) of "Speaking Up: A History of Language and Politics in Canada and Quebec."
Length: 26:13 minutes (36.07 MB)
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Episode 40: "share: Delicious Dishes from Foodshare and Friends" a conversation with Adrienne De Francesco and Marion Kane

November 9, 2012
| FoodShare's first cookbook, "share" is a celebration of the power of food to bring people together, to nourish and to inspire us.
Length: 28:45 minutes (39.57 MB)
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Episode 39: Haiti's new dictatorship, a conversation with Justin Podur

November 7, 2012
| Author Justin Podur issues a powerful challenge and wake-up call to the international NGO and development community about the international occupation of Haiti.
Length: 23:18 minutes (32.07 MB)
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"Too Asian?" Jeet Heer in conversation about race, privilege, the media and more

October 11, 2012
| Jeet Heer co-editor of "Too Asian?" Race, Privilege and Post-Secondary Education, talks media criticism, white privilege, "meritocracy", Margret Wente and more.
Length: 21:41 minutes (29.85 MB)
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Episode 38: Darrin Hagen recaps 20 years of Edmonton's queer history

June 15, 2012
| Kaitlin McNabb interviews author and playwright Darrin Hagen on 20 years of Edmonton's queer history and the power of storytelling.
Length: 39:11
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Episode 37 - The War of 1812: Whose war was it, anyway?

June 2, 2012
| This is the bicentennial year of the War of 1812 and the federal government has dedicated millions of dollars to commemorate it, but what are we really commemorating and why? Jamie Swift weighs in.
Length: 12:36
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Episode 36 - Drawn to change: Comics, graphic novels and politics

May 10, 2012
| A conversation on comics and social change with Jeet Heer, Sean Carleton, and Franke James with Chris Cavanagh.
Length: 44:18