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Scandals galore in Ottawa: Harper's chickens have come home to roost


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In Ottawa, it's raining scandal. Correction, it's pouring, with hurricane-force winds. For a government that thrives on the politics of cynicism, exhibits, at every turn, contempt for democracy and election laws and is preoccupied with punishing those who disagree with their ideology, the past three scandal-clad weeks are as if all of Stephen Harper's chickens have come home to roost.


Election fraud - it's time for accountability

| June 3, 2013
David J. Climenhaga

Evil twins: Alberta Tories assail Wildrosers, and vice versa

| May 27, 2013
Gerry Caplan

Conservative attacks are nothing but bullying

| May 27, 2013
David J. Climenhaga

Wildrose deftly defuses robo-call crisis while federal Cons suffer Scotch verdict

| May 24, 2013
David J. Climenhaga

Ironies abound in Alberta's agitated politics as Alison Redford cranks up the postage meter

| May 8, 2013
David J. Climenhaga

Former Tory strategist Allan Gregg rips Harper Cons' 'systematic attack' on facts and reason

| April 30, 2013

Redford Government can't seem to stop fumbling expenses frenzy

| April 19, 2013
David J. Climenhaga

Uh-oh! Looks like Trudeaumania again! Break out the Tory slime machine!

| April 4, 2013

Building the charlatan movement

Ron Paul and Preston Manning. Photo: Mark Blevis/Flickr

Whoever decided to invite retired U.S. congressman and perpetual presidential candidate Ron Paul to the annual Manning Centre networking event must be perplexed. The Manning Centre has as its official goal: Building the Conservative Movement. Paul admitted others call him a conservative, but he did not want to wear the label.

Paul told the conference attendees: Like you I believe in liberty. As reported by Aaron Wherry, Paul opposes "interventionism," his own word.

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