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Preston Manning
| December 28, 2013 polls

What is the biggest scandal of them all?

Another day, another Canadian scandal, so it seems.


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| November 21, 2013
Ryan Hastman
| November 4, 2013
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| November 4, 2013
| November 1, 2013

Harper's throne speech: No more Mr. Nice Guy

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The pre-throne speech spin told us that it would unveil the new, kinder and gentler Conservative government, but it seems the spinners and the speech writers were not on the same page.

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Mason-Smith Debate Poster
| September 19, 2013
| June 17, 2013

Conservative NIMBYism and class warfare: Why safe injection facilities need our support

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The Canadian Conservative Party's director of political operations, Jenni Byrne, does not believe those suffering with drug addiction deserve a second chance. On the contrary, she unapologetically supposes that heroin and cocaine users are better to shoot up on a mephitic street corner than within safe, clean and regulated injection sites.


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