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| December 29, 2016
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| August 4, 2016
May 3, 2016 |
May 2-6 is the Canadian Mental Health Association's 65th annual Mental Health Week. It is a chance to #GETLOUD by speaking out and challenging the stigma and discrimination of mental illness.
| August 17, 2015
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| December 2, 2014
August 13, 2014 |
August 12 is International Youth Day, a day endorsed by the United Nations General Assembly in 1999 in a resolution upon the recommendation by the World Conference of Minsters Responsible for Youth.
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| May 23, 2014
The Swan Song

The schizophrenia survivor

May 14, 2014
| Brent Seal was diagnosed with schizophrenia. He had a mental breakdown and attempted suicide. Slowly, he transformed his life. He is now a mental wellness coach.
Length: 29:47 minutes (27.27 MB)
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| January 28, 2014
January 24, 2014 |
Unifor is participating in the Bell program ‘Let’s Talk’ geared towards fostering a national conversation on mental health.
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