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Roma people at risk: Canadian politicians not asking the right questions

Roma children in Hungary. (Photo:
In Hungary, the Roma people face the danger of far right militias. So why is Canada making it easier to send Roma refugees back?

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In refuge on Refugee Rights Day: The Awan family story

Photo courtesy of The Awan Family Support Committee

Since August 2013, Khurshid Begum Awan has been living in sanctuary in a Montreal church. She had courageously opted to defy a deportation order which would have disrupted her access to care, divided her family and put her safety at risk.

Widely observed as Refugee Rights Day, April 4 marks the anniversary of the Singh Decision. On a day where we remember migrant and refugee struggles for freedom, dignity and security and recommit to fighting ongoing injustice, we highlight the struggle of the Awan family.


Photo: Prayitno/flickr
| March 31, 2014

Bill C-31 song: Cuts to refugee health care

The second video in the "Dare Your Face" series. Brendan and Adrian go to the doctor's office to perform a new song inspired by the recent cuts to refugee health care in Canada.

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| June 28, 2012
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