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| March 3, 2014
| November 19, 2011
| September 30, 2011
| December 7, 2010
| December 3, 2010
John Bonnar Audio Blog

OCAP challenges the Rob Ford agenda

December 2, 2010
| As Rob Ford began his first day as the new mayor of Toronto, OCAP wasted no time in accusing him of embarking upon a Mike Harris agenda.
Length: 42:51
John Bonnar Audio Blog

Toronto Labour Council analyses municipal election results

November 11, 2010
| In a one-on-one interview, Labour Council President John Cartwright discusses the factors that led to Rob Ford's victory and the challenges facing labour over the next four years.
Length: 29:48

Rob Ford and the rise of the municipal right

November 10, 2010
| On Oct. 25, Toronto residents elected Rob Ford as mayor in an election that saw a higher than usual voter turnout. He ran on a platform of cutting social spending and taxes.
Length: 13:34
| November 9, 2010

Why Naheed Nenshi won in Calgary

November 6, 2010
| Calgary's new mayor used social media to communicate with voters and vowed to end divisive politics at City Hall. In return, he was voted in with the highest voter turnout in recent memory.
Length: 12:09
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