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COP17 begins: Standing on guard for thee tar sands

COP17 begins in Durban, South Africa, and Canada is a fossil fuel-loving embarrassment.

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Pablo Solon opens Montreal Conference on the environment: Cochabamba +1

Fresh from ongoing international climate negotiations in Bangkok, the Bolivian ambassador to the UN, Pablo Solon, will attend and speak at next week-end's Montreal Conference on Climate Justice. The conference titled Cochabamba +1 : Climate Justice and Ecological Alternatives will feature no fewer than 30 speakers and nine panels, spread over three days, starting on the evening of April 15th and ending at midday April 17th.


Up in the air, destroying the planet

Cutting back on air travel is essential -- a single flight across the country wipes out the benefit of a person’s environmental good deeds for an entire year. Photo: caribb/Flickr

In the hit movie Up in the Air, George Clooney plays a professional who travels around the U.S. to fire people on behalf of employers. Clooney's character logs thousands of air miles. In fact, he flies so often that one of his personal goals is to become a member of the exclusive ten-million-mile-club. I'm a fan of Clooney and appreciate a well-told story, but the question that kept nagging me during the movie was: "What do all those miles add up to in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions?"


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