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| November 18, 2015

A fresh look at women in trades and technology

November 13, 2015
| A new radio documentary looks at the challenges facing young women when they decide to take up a trade. The program was produced by 20-year-old sound technician Mariessa Mcleod.
Length: 09:39 minutes (8.85 MB)

Death in a Dumpster: The Musical

October 25, 2015
| Death in a Dumpster is based on a short play by renowned anti-poverty activist and author Sheila Baxter. It's been written, composed and performed by a group of street-involved youth.
Length: 13:59 minutes (12.82 MB)

Radio role models

October 15, 2015
| Radio as a tool of empowerment for African women and youth.
Length: 29:12 minutes (26.74 MB)

Black Lives Matter - Toronto

October 14, 2015
| The Black Lives Matter movement started in the U.S. in 2012. In the past three years, it’s become a global movement. Pascale Diverlus is co-founder of the Toronto chapter.
Length: 11:56 minutes (10.93 MB)

Youth Digital Media Ecologies Project

The Youth Digital Media Ecologies Project is a national research program looking at how 175 youth media production groups in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal have shaped the urban ecologies of Canada’s 3 largest cities.  The site includes lists and maps of influential youth media organizations,  their primary objectives, the kind of media they work with, and the diverse range of young people they serve.



Generation Squeeze began as a University of British Columbia project researching generational inequality in Canada. With the support of early funders like the United Way, Vancouver Foundation, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Mowafaghian Foundation and Vancity Credit Union, we became an awareness campaign. After years of raising awareness about the growing squeeze on younger Canadians, we now know awareness isn’t enough.  


| September 15, 2015
| July 28, 2015

Austerity fuels generational divide

July 11, 2015
| In a talk hosted by the CCPA, Markus Moos explores the factors behind growing inequality between and within generations.
Length: 33:21 minutes (30.54 MB)
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