Guantanamo Bay

Book Review
Apr 2, 2015

How Canada lets people get tortured

Matthew Behrens
The remarkable story of Mohamedou Ouid Slahi is one of wisdom, humour and despair. In this memoir, Slahi relays a tale of human resilience under the most appalling conditions at Guantanamo Bay.
Nov 8, 2013

Science, ethics and torture

National security and protection of the nation have been the traditional heavyweight excuses provided by governments that use torture, but there is more behind the justification of unethical methods.
Apr 22, 2013

Why Omar Khadr should be freed

Last September, Omar Khadr was transferred from Guantanamo Bay to the Millhaven maximum security prison in Kingston. Omar Khadr was taken into custody as a child soldier in Afghanistan in 2002.
Mar 29, 2013
Photo: casmaron/Flickr

Hunger strike continues at U.S. Guantanamo prison

Jacob Chamberlain
Prisoners on hunger strike in Guantanamo Bay are now being denied water among other abuses as prison guards attempt to force them off the strike, the prisoners' lawyers said Wednesday.
Oct 5, 2012

Defending Omar Khadr

David Bush
Omar Khadr is not innocent, because declaring so means that there was even a possibility he could have ever been guilty.
Book Review
Jul 26, 2012
Omar Khadr, Oh Canada

New book backs justice for Omar Khadr

Amira Elghawaby
As in an artful kaleidoscope, Janice Williamson's book has brought together the voices and sentiments of those who refuse to look away from Omar Khadr.
Jan 16, 2012

U.K. won't prosecute spies over torture claims

Maher Arar
The U.K.'s spy agencies have been cleared of involvement in the torture of former Guantanamo detainee Binyam Mohammed, who had alleged that Britain knew that he was being tortured.


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