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Five ways to get involved in Toronto's election

Municipal elections in Toronto are upon us next week. Municipal decisions shape our everyday lives, from the quality of our public services to the health of our environment, yet voting turnout hovers at around 40 per cent. Your involvement during the final few days of the election is critical to shaping the outcome.

Here are five strategic ways you can take action.

Make up your mind

You get to vote for four positions this October: Toronto school board trustee, Catholic school board trustee, mayor, and city councillor. The city's election website lists all candidates by ward. Check it out by clicking here


The value of green apprenticeships

I met Gregory Salt-Smith and Chris Williamson in May when I visited the dozen or so young men selected to participate in the Central Ontario Building Trades Council's Hammer Heads program, which mentors, trains and places priority youth into trade apprenticeships.

Hammer Heads graduates, Chris and Gregory, had been invited to speak about their experience to the incoming class. They spoke about the harder realities of being a pre-apprentice first. "You have to say yes to whatever the foreman wants, and as the newest person on the site you're always given the hardest work," Gregory said. "If you told me I was going to get up at 5.30 a.m. every day I wouldn't have believed you," he continued. "You have to find some motivation to get up."


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