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Haida Gwaii: The Edge of the World

November 23, 2015
| Film director Charles Wilkinson travelled to Haida Gwaii and found a community of people living a sustainable life independent of corporate rule and extreme resource extraction.
Length: 13:05 minutes (11.99 MB)

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois: Opposing the Energy East pipeline

May 27, 2015
| When Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois won the Governor General's award for his account of the 2012 student strike in Quebec, he donated the $25,000 prize money to the fight against the Energy East pipeline.
Length: 24:44 minutes (22.66 MB)

Film: Line in the Sand

May 21, 2015
| A new movie documents the realities on the ground for people who live along the Northern Gateway pipeline route in Northern Alberta and B.C. Jim Mainguy speaks with filmmaker Tomas Borsa.
Length: 18:27 minutes (16.9 MB)

Sierra Club learns of secret deal between Alberta government and Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers

July 22, 2014
| Sierra Club Canada says it's been told of a secret deal to increase carbon tax in return for reduced clean-up requirements on tailings ponds.
Length: 09:48 minutes (8.98 MB)

Grand Chief Stewart Phillip on Supreme Court ruling in Tsilhqot'in title case

July 21, 2014
| The recent Supreme Court of Canada decision is the first to acknowledge Aboriginal title on the ground. It will affect the future of development projects all across B.C.
Length: 20:27 minutes (18.72 MB)

Mobilizing opposition to the Enbridge pipeline

July 11, 2014
| Two weeks ago the Harper government announced its approval of the Northern Gateway pipeline. For opponents of the project, this decision is a call-to-action to step up the fight.
Length: 17:32 minutes (16.06 MB)
| June 27, 2014
Image: Flickr/Caelie_Frampton
| June 23, 2014

What's the potential for Northern Gateway actually being built? Next to nothing.

Photo: travis blanston/flickr
The Harper government approved Enbridge's Northern Gateway pipeline, and hellfire sure broke loose! But what's the project's potential for actually being built? Next to nothing.

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Image: Flickr/Caelie Frampton
| June 19, 2014
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