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Roger Annis

Mix of cautious optimism and skepticism greets B.C. government announcement on Northern Gateway pipeline

| June 5, 2013

Tanker safety plan called an insult to British Columbians

April 18, 2013
| Last month the federal government announced their new plans to increase safety as tankers carrying tar sands crude oil travel the B.C. coast. Eoin Madden says the plan is an insult.
Length: 16:20 minutes (14.96 MB)

Day of action to defend the B.C. coast

October 21, 2012
| Thousands of people are converging on Victoria on October 22 for a rally and a sit-in to protest tankers and pipelines carrying tar sands oil from Alberta to the coast.
Length: 13:10 minutes (12.07 MB)

Analyzing Christy Clark's position on Enbridge

August 3, 2012
| The B.C. government has outlined new requirements for the Northern Gateway pipeline. At the same time, Christy Clark wants a bigger share of the profits flowing into Alberta.
Length: 11:05 minutes (7.61 MB)
Tyler McCreary

Disrespecting democracy: Hazelton community hearing on Enbridge pipeline moved to avoid protests

| July 11, 2012

Enbridge inflating the numbers on pipeline support

June 23, 2012
| Enbridge says that it has the support of 60 percent of the First Nations along the proposed BC-Alberta route of the Northern Gateway pipeline. Art Sterritt says that's not true.
Length: 15:11
David Suzuki

Another day, another pipeline spill

| June 20, 2012

Smash the State Report: Indigenous resistance and Quebec student strike

May 7, 2012
| This Smash the State Report starts off with the re-opening of the abortion debate in Canada, then jumps into the Quebec student strike, the Yinka-Dene Freedom Train and much more!
Length: 1:02:05

Smash the State March in Review: Police brutality, pipelines and watching CSIS

April 20, 2012
| The Smash the State Report features from the #mediacoop -- which looked at #policebrutality against the ongoing #occupytoronto efforts, resistance to the federal budget and much more!
Length: 56:50
Bernadette Wagner

Another update on the Northern Gateway pipeline

| February 11, 2012
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