Nov 26, 2016

All out against the TPP: Vancouver edition

Marie Aspiazu
The TPP in its original form may be dead, but some of its poisonous components remain -- and big media lobbyists will continue to push for them. Join us for a mobilization against against the TPP.
Dec 19, 2014

Police dogs leading cause of injury by police in B.C.

Last month new provincial regulations were established to help reduce the incidents and severity of police dog bites. Pivot Legal has been gathering statistics on police dog injuries for some time.
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Stand Up to the World Bank Toolkit

A toolkit full of activist resources for holding the World Bank Group accountable and improving social conditions
Oct 19, 2013
Image: flickr/Jason Verwey

We no longer trust newspapers and it's their fault

John Miller
Many of us no longer understand what journalists do, or why. In the face of this knowledge, journalists often duck for cover. It's time they faced up to it, for the sake of democracy.
Feb 29, 2012

Men, feminism and the Hugo Schwyzer controversy

The F Word
Meghan Murphy speaks with Shira Tarrant and Ernesto Aguilar about issues surrounding men's role(s) in feminism, as well as the recent controversy around male feminist Hugo Schwyzer.
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How to bird-dog or hold officials accountable to the public
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Tak-tak-tak offers an online forum for discussions about social change in Russia
Apr 27, 2011

Sun TV: Because facts have a well-known liberal bias

Alheli Picazo
Sun News Network, a channel brought to by its own sense of self importance, is the epitome of pseudo-journalism, comprised of on-air personalities with the intellectual curiosity of Sarah Palin.

We can improve Toronto policing! A public forum

Oct 18, 2011 to Oct 19, 2011
Innis College
2 Sussex Avenue
Toronto , ON
43° 39' 55.3104" N, 79° 23' 58.6932" W
Ontario CA
This public forum provides an opportunity to discuss new and alternative ideas about police issues in Toronto.
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