Africafiles: The Pulse

Africafiles: The Pulse

News from Africa via our regular podcast - produced and compiled by Heather Yundt
Africafiles: The Pulse

Fighting the Ebola epidemic through journalism

January 13, 2015
| As the Ebola outbreak continues to hit West Africa, local reporters fight the epidemic through journalism.
Length: 16:33 minutes (15.17 MB)
Africafiles: The Pulse

The Ethiopian village founded on equality

September 26, 2014
| Awra Amba, a community in northern Ethiopia, has rejected aid and embraced equality for more than 40 years.
Length: 19:40 minutes (18.02 MB)
Africafiles: The Pulse

Building interfaith peace in Africa

August 14, 2014
| African religious scholars discuss the link between religion and conflict in Africa -- and propose a way forward.
Length: 31:52 minutes (29.18 MB)
Africafiles: The Pulse

The myth of Africa rising

June 11, 2014
| The idea of "Africa rising" may be popular, but is it true? Political economist Patrick Bond pulls apart the "Africa rising" narrative.
Length: 27:19 minutes (25.01 MB)
Africafiles: The Pulse

Strengthening the rule of law in Zimbabwe

April 2, 2014
| Human rights lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa has spent her career fighting for a strong rule of law in Zimbabwe despite facing harassment and arrest.
Length: 16:24 minutes (11.26 MB)
Africafiles: The Pulse

Achieving tax justice in Africa

January 17, 2014
| Tax Justice Network Africa fights to close the loopholes in legal systems that allow multinational corporations to avoid paying taxes.
Length: 12:19 minutes (8.47 MB)
Africafiles: The Pulse

Fighting for LGBTI rights in Africa

December 23, 2013
| Homosexuality is illegal in 38 African countries, including Cameroon, where an activist was murdered in July. Cameroonian LGBTI rights activist Yves Yomb shares his story.
Length: 16:38 minutes (11.43 MB)
Africafiles: The Pulse

Canadian mining companies in Africa

November 20, 2013
| Mining in Africa is big business, but what impact is it having on local communities? AfricaFiles speaks to Jamie Kneen of MiningWatch Canada and documentary filmmaker Julien Fréchette.
Length: 18:34 minutes (12.75 MB)
Africafiles: The Pulse

Women in politics in Somalia

October 18, 2012
| A historic new government in Somalia, but where are the women? AfricaFiles speaks to Nimao Ali of the Somali Women's Circle Network.
Length: 15:57 minutes (14.61 MB)
Africafiles: The Pulse

Azawad: Can this breakaway African state work?

May 24, 2012
| A Tuareg group declared the independence of northern Mali in April. Africafiles explores the implications and future of an independent Azawad.
Length: 19:50