Migrant Matters

Migrant Matters

Migrant Matters navigates through the interconnected issues that limit the freedom of people to move across borders (of all kinds) and stay wherever they choose. We bring into focus the individual faces and unique stories of migrant workers, "non-status" people, and racialized working-class immigrants, who are often left out of mainstream media. Airs monthly.
Migrant Matters

Michael Parenti's 'The Face of Imperialism'

October 23, 2011
| Speaking with progressive scholar Michael Parenti, mainly talking about two of his recent books: 'The Face of Imperialism' and 'The Assassination of Julius Caesar: A People's History of Ancient Rome'.
Length: 24:54
Migrant Matters

Seven Deadly Myths: Denying the Palestinian narrative

October 15, 2011
| A new film on the collective denial which has led to emotional and physical walls between the Isrealis and Palestinians. The bloodshed and psychological abuse bred from the conflict on Canada's hands
Length: 33:19
Migrant Matters

Queer discussions on im/migration and criminalization

October 10, 2011
| The intersections of local queer organizing, anti-colonial and no-borders analyses. The recent victories and struggles of organizing in these realms.
Length: 54:38
Migrant Matters

Sophisticated vigilantes C.R.I.M.E. take on France over Haiti restitution

September 19, 2011
| C.R.I.M.E., an international group of activists who impersonated French government officials, won't let France forget who owes the bill for much of the ensuing undemocratic havoc and horrors in Haiti.
Length: 41:28
Migrant Matters

It's the ReadNex Poetry Squad

July 30, 2011
| Poets to read about. Three-fifths of the squad speak their mind about all things at the heart of hip-hop including women and youth poets, and solidarity work with the most socially disempowered.
Length: 34:15
Migrant Matters

Shameless U.S. news personality Lou Dobbs still given a mainstream platform

May 18, 2011
| Dobbs' ultra right-wing views were regularly showcased on CNN, fueling the movement to scapegoat immigrants. He criticizes "illegal" employers, but, wait! Macdonald has uncovered he is one.
Length: 41:09
Migrant Matters

Mayday panel: Speaking from the forefront of the struggle for (im)migrant justice and workers' rights (2 of 2)

May 1, 2011
| The abuses inherent in (forced) migration with a spotlight on Canada's Live-in Caregiver Program. The importance of working in solidarity with racialized working-class (im)migrant communities here.
Length: 49:35
Migrant Matters

Mayday panel: Speaking from the forefront of the struggle for (im)migrant justice and workers' rights (1 of 2)

April 30, 2011
| The experiences of racialized working-class (im)migrants here. The abuses inherent in (forced) migration to Canada. The importance of these communities defending themselves.
Length: 1:00:36
Migrant Matters

Communist Party of Canada on why 2011 election spells great danger to working and poor people

April 28, 2011
| On the party's platform and what's at stake in the May 2, 2011 election for working and poor people, (im)migrants, and Aboriginal people if Big Business succeeds in driving the country to the right.
Length: 53:44
Migrant Matters

New film adds perspective on the lives of people working Canada's 'temporary' agricultural jobs

April 23, 2011
| Does Canada really foster a nurturing society where everyone is equal? Hear the perspective of people working here without full rights.
Length: 40:11