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Mourning for Quebec: Attack on PQ victory party leaves one dead

The attack, which left one dead, occurred during the victory speech of premier-elect Pauline Marois.

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Red squares for Indigenous solidarity: Montreal protests logging of Algonquin land

Photo: David Champagne

Last week in Montreal, clanging cookware and red squares became symbols of solidarity with an Indigenous community defending its land rights. On Wednesday, July 18, about 200 people demonstrated at the Montreal headquarters of Resolute Forest Products, the logging company currently locked in a stand-off with Algonquin protestors near Poigan Bay, Quebec.

Banging pots and pans, the crowd denounced Resolute for continuing to log in the territory of the Algonquins of Barriere Lake despite staunch opposition from the people living there.


Another mega march in Montreal: 100,000 protest against Charest government

Montreal, June 22. (Photo: André Pichette)
For the fourth straight month, the 22nd saw a mega march in Montreal, as 100,000 rallied for Quebec students and against the Charest government.

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June 22: Casseroles across Canada in solidarity with mass march and rally in Quebec

Photo: ScottMontreal / flickr
People of all ages all across Canada, in over 100 locations, will be banging pots and pans in solidarity with another mass rally today in Quebec.

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Pots and pans ring out against Charest

Manifestation Casserole - St Henri (Photo: Magdalena O! / flickr)
'Casseroles' are spreading beyond Quebec and across Canada, as solidarity for the student strike pours in from far and wide.

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Dear Jean Charest: This is what democracy looks like

This was the view from the front of the march today in Montreal. (Photo: Justin Ling)
Hundreds of thousands marched today against Charest's 'Special Law' and in support of Quebec's student strike.

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'Special law' condemned by students and civil society in Quebec

Photo: (Socialist Canada, Socialist Quebec / flickr)
A number of civil society groups have denounced the Charest government's emergency law against Quebec's student strike.

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Emergency law or not, Quebec student night protests continue

This has been the scene for weeks, with police sent out against night protests. Now the Charest government has announced an emergency law against the student strike. (Photo: Hicham Souilmi / flickr)
Quebec's Charest government announced an emergency law against the student strike, but that didn't stop thousands from joining another night protest.

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A good year for Québec solidaire

In the past year, Amir Kadir, Québec solidaire's first elected MNA, has become one Québec's most popular personalities. He has won plaudits from all observers and, more importantly, from the public for his performance in and out of the National Assembly. His widely publicized positions denouncing political corruption among the ruling Liberals, supporting the battles against the government's spring austerity budget, or lambasting mining and pharmaceutical corporations, have won him a growing recognition among working people and the wider public.


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