Needs No Introduction

Needs No Introduction

A series of speeches and lectures from the finest minds of our time. Fresh ideas from speakers of note.
Needs No Introduction

Justice for Grassy Narrows

June 1, 2016
| Community elders, youth musicians and activist/journalist Avi Lewis call upon the Ontario government to clean up mercury contamination in Northwestern Ontario affecting Indigenous communities.
Length: 1:18:22 minutes (89.7 MB)
Needs No Introduction

Voices of Experience: Diversity and leadership

May 4, 2016
| Voices of Experience is a panel put together by Ryerson University's Equity, Diversity and Accessibility Office, Career Centre and Student Life organization.
Length: 1:00:56 minutes (139.5 MB)
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Who will win the digital revolution?

April 21, 2016
| A talk by Robert McChesney and John Nichols based on their book "People Get Ready - The Fight Against the Jobless Economy and a Citizenless Democracy."
Length: 1:07:12 minutes (64.14 MB)
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Combating Islamophobia in Media

April 11, 2016
| A presentation by rabble at the Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House in Vancouver about how Islamophobia has permeated the news cycle and how we can move forward.
Length: 46:22 minutes (44.27 MB)
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Music: Racism, Power and Privilege 101

March 9, 2016
| A panel discussion with Toronto musicians about racism in music. Recorded November 24, 2015 at Music Gallery.
Length: 59:42 minutes (54.66 MB)
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A human history of the Ottawa River Watershed

February 18, 2016
| A look at the role of the Ottawa River in the history of the Algonquin Nation, with Peter Di Gangi.
Length: 1:07:10 minutes (61.49 MB)
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GAZA: New Dynamics, Future Prospects

October 7, 2015
| With Dr. Sara Roy, Harvard Scholar, examining the unprecedented dynamics that have emerged in Gaza in the aftermath of last summer's devastating war
Length: 1:08:53 minutes (62.49 MB)
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Listen Here! Celebrating 10 years of Democracy, Technology and Podcasting

September 17, 2015
| A live podcast celebrating the 10th anniversary of the rabble podcast network.
Length: 1:09:53 minutes (63.99 MB)
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The Leap Manifesto: A call for a Canada based on caring for the Earth and one another

September 15, 2015
| Listen in to a press conference where a group of prominent Canadians launched a manifesto outlining a bold climate and economic vision.
Length: 55:39 minutes (50.96 MB)
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Circuits of struggle: Community media in Oaxaca

July 14, 2015
| An address about the power of grassroots communications from the Union of Democratic Communications Conference, May 1, 2015 in Toronto.
Length: 1:05:27 minutes (59.93 MB)