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The hidden costs of Canada's banana market

Photo: Kevin Edmonds.

Murder. Paramilitary death squads. Exploitation. Torture. Child Labour. Toxic chemicals. At first these words are not readily linked to a soft, sweet and innocent fruit, a staple in the majority of our homes, but rather to the actions of a tyrant operating in a forgotten corner of the world.


Start a fruit tree project

picking fruit that would be otherwise wasted can have a huge impact

In British Columbia there is an abundance of fruit bearing trees. European settlers were planting fruit trees as early as 1826. Though many people have fruit trees within their reach, they often go unattended and their harvest ends up rotting on someone's lawn. While bugs devour the local fruit, the same general kind is still bought at grocery stores - but for its durability and good looks rather than its local significance, flavour or tradition.

Fruit tree projects try to take these trees that are producing good usable, tasty food and harvest them to their full potential.


| March 30, 2011
| February 17, 2011
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