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Lower Mainland road expansion to be built as a P3

August 4, 2008
| Gordon Campbell aims to build B.C.'s high-profile new highway project in partnership with the private sector.
Length: 16:44

Free Geek wants your old computer

August 2, 2008
| Free Geek is a non-profit computer re-use and recyling centre. We talk with co-founder Ifny Lachance about how they operate and what they do.
Length: 16:02

Palestinian solidarity activists take responsibility for spoof

August 1, 2008
| Carel Moiseiwitsch and Gordon Murray have taken responsibility for a broadsheet satirizing CanWest's coverage of the Israeli occupation of Gaza and the West Bank.
Length: 13:05

Five Ring Circus

July 26, 2008
| Chris Shaw argues in his recent book that the Olympics are less about sport and more about real-estate development.
Length: 13:23

U.S. war resisters in Canada

July 24, 2008
| Parliament voted in favour of allowing war resisters to stay, but it wasn't enough to stop the deportation of Robert Long.
Length: 14:20

New copyright act to restrict free flow of information

July 23, 2008
| We can expect to see huge changes to how we can use digital media if the Conservative government succeeds in passing its proposed amendments to the Copyright Act.
Length: 15:38

Immigrant communities fight for redress

July 11, 2008
| People who escape atrocities in their countries and come to Canada as refugees sometimes end up living in the same communities as the people who victimized them.
Length: 09:06

Czechs opposed to missile shields

July 9, 2008
| U.S. plans to install missiles in the Czech Republic as part of its Star Wars strategy have been met with protests and hunger strikes.
Length: 12:56

Naomi Klein on disaster capitalism

July 7, 2008
| Naomi Klein was in Vancouver in June speaking to activists about the theme of her most recent book, The Shock Doctrine.
Length: 33:53

U.S. election campaign spending

July 5, 2008
| All the candidates in the U.S. primaries have one thing in common - the massive amounts of money they have raised to run their campaigns.
Length: 12:30