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Bringing torturers to justice in Canada

October 23, 2007
| A court case in Montreal may set a precedent for the prosecution of torturers from other countries now living in Canada.
Length: 13:24

Nicaragua's abortion ban endangering women's lives

October 22, 2007
| Helen Dixon, Nicaraguan women's rights activist, discusses the new anti-abortion laws which set back women's rights literally 101 years.
Length: 15:10

Biofuels and world hunger

October 20, 2007
| Biofuels are being touted as the green solution to the energy crisis and global warming. Eric Holt-Gimenez of Food First disagrees.
Length: 16:29

The 100-mile diet

October 19, 2007
| James MacKinnon talks about why he and Alison Smith decided to restrict their diet to food grown within 100-mile radius around their home.
Length: 11:15

Providing food for people with HIV and AIDS

October 18, 2007
| For almost 20 years, A Loving Spoonful has made sure that people living with AIDS and HIV in Vancouver have enough to eat.
Length: 14:02

Why food aid doesn't help the hungry

October 17, 2007
| Much of the aid we send to the global South benefits markets in the North and harms the people who are receiving it.
Length: 11:41

The End of Food

October 16, 2007
| We talk with Thomas Pawlick about his bestselling book on how the food industry is destroying our food supply.
Length: 17:15

Junk food in schools

October 15, 2007
| Bill Jeffery of the Centre for Science in the Public Interest talks about their report card on provincial standards for food in schools across Canada.
Length: 11:46

Prescription for a Healthy Canada

October 10, 2007
| A new report says that the federal government's failure to protect the environmental health of Canadians is costing us billions of dollar a year.
Length: 18:51

Deaths in police custody

October 5, 2007
| Four men died in B.C. in August. We speak with former RCMP complaints commissioner Shirley Heafey.
Length: 13:56