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Hope in Shadows

May 10, 2008
| A hugely successful annual calendar features the photographs of residents of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. Now we can also hear their voices in a new book.
Length: 12:56

60 years of Nakba

May 8, 2008
| May marks 60 years since Palestinians were driven from their homes and the state of Israel was formed.
Length: 12:07

Stage-managed military analysts

May 7, 2008
| Loretta Alper, director of "War Made Easy", talks about the Pentagon-briefed military analysts used by the major networks during the Iraq war.
Length: 14:47

Jane's Walks

May 2, 2008
| In early May, Vancouver is celebrating the legacy of urban activist and writer Jane Jacobs with a series of free walking tours of different neighbourhoods.
Length: 13:38

No Peace, No Work on May Day

May 1, 2008
| Longshore workers in every U.S. West Coast port are stopping work for 8 hours to call for an end to the war and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.
Length: 17:10

Keeping the community in community radio

April 30, 2008
| Coop Radio's program coordinator Leela Chinniah talks about how community radio is different from any other media.
Length: 13:52

Understanding the world food crisis

April 28, 2008
| We speak with Anuradha Mittal of the Oakland Institute about the roots of the global food crisis.
Length: 16:06

Improving inner-city banking

April 27, 2008
| Mainstream banks give accounts to clients with money. Low-income people are forced to deal with unregulated short-term loan companies.
Length: 17:48

Megaphone Magazine

April 26, 2008
| Vancouver's street newspaper has been re-launched with a new format and a new name.
Length: 10:19

Art in the community

April 23, 2008
| January Wolodarsky talks about how community artists engage and motivate people to transform public spaces in their neighbourhoods.
Length: 17:25