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University presidents denounce British faculty union

September 25, 2007
| The University and College Union in Britain is under attack for a motion they passed in May concerning an academic boycott of Israel.
Length: 15:13

BC Supreme Court victory for First Nations women

September 24, 2007
| This summer Sharon McIvor won her case challenging the constitutionality of the Indian Act. Now she faces an appeal by the BC government.
Length: 12:33

Northern Manitoba Cree find allies in Minnesota lawmakers

September 21, 2007
| The Minnesota State Senate has passed a law saying it won't buy power from Manitoba Hydro unless the First Nations affected by the dams are treated fairly.
Length: 13:16

Overcoming Zionism

September 19, 2007
| An interview with Professor Joel Kovel on the topic of his latest book.
Length: 19:45

Erosion of democratic control over municipal affairs

September 17, 2007
| From housing to transportation, B.C.'s cities are increasingly subject to the dictates of the provincial government.
Length: 16:06

Conditions for migrant workers in Canada

September 14, 2007
| A Mexican worker has accused his employer of assaulting him and threatening him with a knife on a B.C. farm.
Length: 13:44

Eyewitness account from Haiti

September 13, 2007
| Roger Annis has just returned from a US-Canadian humanitarian delegation to Haiti.
Length: 18:57

Police provocateurs at Montebello

September 12, 2007
| An interview with Paul Manly, who shot the video of 3 QPP officers posing as demonstrators at protests against the SPP.
Length: 18:27

New security certificate legislation to be introduced

September 11, 2007
| Imprisonment without trial was one of the legacies of Sept 11 until the Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional. Now Harper is planning a new law.
Length: 11:08

Municipal strike in Vancouver enters eighth week

September 10, 2007
| CUPE president Paul Faoro blames the city for refusing to bargain.
Length: 10:54