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Canada's new security certificate legislation

February 19, 2008
| The new law is no better than the old law, according to Diana Ralph, an advocate for Hassan Almrei, who has been detained since 2001.
Length: 15:49

The Manley report on Afghanistan

February 16, 2008
| Anti-war activist Dave Markland comments on what's in and what's missing from John Manley's report on Afghanistan.
Length: 14:59

Canadian space technology company sold to U.S. arms manufacturer

February 15, 2008
| Canadian aerospace company MDA is being portrayed as a peaceful corporation being taken over by a U.S. arms maker. Richard Sanders says MDA has been involved in weapons technology before.
Length: 17:18

Capitalism and addiction

February 14, 2008
| Bruce Alexander argues that the free market is a major factor in the spread of addiction.
Length: 14:47

Cafe Justicia

February 13, 2008
| Cafe Justicia is a coffee that supports the political work of an indigenous organization in the highlands of Guatemala.
Length: 13:22

32,000 Barbies

February 12, 2008
| Photographer Chris Jordan creates giant composite images of thousands of individual consumer objects to encourage us to think about our addiction to mass consumption.
Length: 16:37

Carbon trading not a fix

February 11, 2008
| Larry Lohmann argues that carbon trading represents a commodification of the atmosphere, it's unjust and it won't combat global warming.
Length: 15:08

The Interurban

February 10, 2008
| For much of the twentieth century, the Fraser Valley was connected to Vancouver by a light rail service. Local residents want to see it resurrected.
Length: 11:58

Isuma TV

February 9, 2008
| We talk with one of the people behind a new site where you can watch short and feature-length films made by Inuit and other indigenous filmmakers.
Length: 15:07

The Poverty Olympics

February 6, 2008
| The mascots for these games are Itchy the Bed Bug, Chewy the Rat and Creepy the Cockroach and there are no winners. We talk to one of the organizers.
Length: 15:49