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Public-private partnerships in healthcare

April 22, 2008
| The British government pioneered P3s. They are now thoroughly discredited in the UK but the idea is being aggressively marketed in many countries around the world, including Canada.
Length: 31:20

Lentils aren't the only thing

April 21, 2008
| Rhizome Café has become known for its pay-as-you-feel lentils dish, Lentils are Everything. But there's a lot more to this local eatery than food on a sliding scale.
Length: 11:47

Orientalism and Ephemera

April 20, 2008
| Artist Jamelie Hassan describes an exhibit she curated at Vancouver Centre A gallery.
Length: 14:57

One Nation Under Google

April 19, 2008
| Darin Barney says technology is, at once, irretrievably political and consistently depoliticizing. We talk with him about this contradiction.
Length: 18:09

CanWest vs. Mordecai Briemberg

April 17, 2008
| Mordecai Briemberg is being sued by CanWest Media Conglomerate. CanWest wants damages for a spoof of the Vancouver Sun that they allege he was involved in producing.
Length: 12:38

The Pan Am Clinic: a hybrid model of healthcare

April 16, 2008
| Dr. Wayne Hildahl used to be the owner of a private sports medicine clinic. Now he's running the same clinic for the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.
Length: 13:41

Canadian mining companies in Central America

April 15, 2008
| Sipakapa is home to the first modern gold mine in Guatemala, a mine operated by the Vancouver-based company Goldcorp.
Length: 13:29

Changes to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act

April 14, 2008
| The Conservative government wants to give sweeping new powers to immigration officials that could result in applications being rejected even if all the criteria are met.
Length: 13:11

Grassroots national newspaper

April 13, 2008
| The Dominion newspaper is on tour across Canada talking to activists about the need for an independent national news source.
Length: 14:14

Renowned historian leaves Israel

April 12, 2008
| Israeli historian Ilan Pappe has decided to leave his homeland and live in England. He explains why he made this decision.
Length: 11:45