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Eyewitness account from Haiti

September 13, 2007
| Roger Annis has just returned from a US-Canadian humanitarian delegation to Haiti.
Length: 18:57

Police provocateurs at Montebello

September 12, 2007
| An interview with Paul Manly, who shot the video of 3 QPP officers posing as demonstrators at protests against the SPP.
Length: 18:27

New security certificate legislation to be introduced

September 11, 2007
| Imprisonment without trial was one of the legacies of Sept 11 until the Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional. Now Harper is planning a new law.
Length: 11:08

Municipal strike in Vancouver enters eighth week

September 10, 2007
| CUPE president Paul Faoro blames the city for refusing to bargain.
Length: 10:54

Dr. Brian Day takes over as head of Canadian Medical Association

September 7, 2007
| Elected last year in Charlottetown, Dr. Brian Day took over his new position two weeks ago in Vancouver.
Length: 17:08

Massacre at the Red Mosque

September 4, 2007
| Muslim theologian, scholar and social justice activist Farid Esack provides eye-witness insight into last month's government siege and massacre at the Red Mosque in Islamabad, Pakistan.
Length: 13:01

Academic freedom issues at First Nations University of Canada

August 31, 2007
| We speak with Stephen LaRose, who has been covering problems at FNUC since 2005.
Length: 12:27

Crop circle appears in corn field in BC

August 29, 2007
| Greenpeace activists recently created a 61-metre crop circle in a corn field contain in Monsanto’s NK603 genetically engineered corn.
Length: 13:00

Uranium mining in B.C.

August 9, 2007
| The new green marketing of nuclear energy has led to an upsurge of exploration and mining proposals in British Columbia.
Length: 15:25

Fatah collaborating with Israel

August 7, 2007
| Observers say there is much evidence that sections of the Palestinian Fatah movement are now working closely with Israel in the Occupied Territories.
Length: 13:19