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Guerrero: El Ruta Del Sol

June 17, 2007
| Mexico's southern coastal state of Guerrero is a mecca for tourists - and a very dangerous place for human rights activists.
Length: 12:51

Racial profiling post 9-11

June 15, 2007
| A new study aims to quantify the extent of racial profiling experienced by Muslims and people of Middle Eastern descent in Canada.
Length: 12:58

More pesticide residues to be allowed on food

June 12, 2007
| The Canadian government is preparing to raise the acceptable levels of pesticides on our food to harmonize with weaker U.S. standards.
Length: 15:25

Keeping down the cost of riding the bus

June 11, 2007
| Bus fares need to reflect the fact that transit is a public good, not a market commodity.
Length: 13:39

Major anti-corporate conference held in India

June 9, 2007
| In the first weekend of June, activists from across India met in Mumbai to resist the removal of peasants from their lands.
Length: 13:34

Getting out of your car and on to a bike

June 8, 2007
| This month is Bike Month and the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition has been encouraging people to try a two wheel commute.
Length: 13:52


June 7, 2007
| Ted Remerowski talks about his 2005 exposé of the Canadian beef industry.
Length: 17:18

AIDS education in the Kenya's export processing zones

June 5, 2007
| Blacklisted union organizers are putting their energies into informing textile workers about their human and labour rights and the dangers of HIV/AIDS.
Length: 13:15

Anti-Poverty Committee discusses tactics

June 4, 2007
| The Anti-Poverty Committee symbolical eviction of VANOC board member Ken Dobell from his office got them a lot of bad press. We ask them how and why they have chosen the tactics they using.
Length: 14:41

Vancouver Public Library book bindery to close

June 3, 2007
| For the past 83 years, librarians in Vancouver have been able to use the services of an in-hous book bindery. On May 30, the Board voted to close down operations.
Length: 12:57