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Unborn Victims of Crime Act

April 8, 2008
| This private member's bill aims to make it a crime to injure or cause the death of a fetus. Pro-choice activists think this may lead to the re-criminlization of abortion.
Length: 11:16

Dangerous assumptions about climate change

April 7, 2008
| Tom Wigley is one of three scientists arguing last week that the IPCC is using outdated figures to judge the scope of the cuts needed to stabilize greenhouses gases.
Length: 09:11

Cycling training for teachers

April 4, 2008
| The Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition is running training programs to help teachers gain the skills and confidence to ride to school.
Length: 13:27

Pinecone Burke Provincial Park to be preserved

April 3, 2008
| B.C.'s Environment Minister announced a week ago that a run-of-the-river hydro project would not be allowed to go through part of a provincial park.
Length: 11:50

Percy Schmeiser settles out of court with Monsanto

April 2, 2008
| The world-famous Saskatchewan farmer who took on Monsanto has won the final round of his decade-long battle over GMO contamination of his fields.
Length: 14:00

The Oral History of Terrorism Against Cuba

March 24, 2008
| Keith Bolender says more than 3,000 Cuban people have died at the hands of terrorism, much of it fuelled by U.S. hostility.
Length: 13:41

Burma's culture of migration

March 21, 2008
| Forty years of brutal military repression have led thousands of Burmese women to leave the country and seek dangerous and demeaning work as undocumented workers in the bordering countries.
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Women's Court of Canada

March 19, 2008
| A group of lawyers, academics and activists have re-written six Supreme Court of Canada equality judgments in order to challenge conventional thinking about equality.
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Suzuki Foundation and Vanoc collaborate on plan for 2010 Games

March 16, 2008
| The David Suzuki Foundation believes that the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver can be carbon-neutral. Conrad Schmidt disagrees.
Length: 11:23

Quebec filmmaker resigns from Quebec film festival jury

March 15, 2008
| Malcolm Guy pulled out of a jury to select a film that represents tolerance when he discovered who was sponsoring the award.
Length: 11:56