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The Lolita Effect

September 30, 2008
| Pole-dancing kits for girls and beauty pageants for six-year-olds are part of a trend towards the increasing sexualization of young girls, according to author Gigi Durham.
Length: 16:51

Strategic voting

September 29, 2008
| A new website provides comprehensive information, riding by riding, for those who want to make sure that their vote doesn't hand Stephen Harper a majority government.
Length: 11:53

Blood and Capital

September 25, 2008
| A new book by Jasmin Hristov looks at the historical alliance between paramilitary gangs, local elites and the state in Colombia.
Length: 17:15

Palestinian prisoners

September 24, 2008
| The majority of people in Israeli prisons are Palestinian. We speak about these prisoners with Adam Hanieh, co-author of a book on Palestinian children in jail.
Length: 14:54

Crisis in Bolivia

September 23, 2008
| Two-thirds of voters in the recall referendum held in August want Evo Morales to stay but an elite minority are fighting to remove him from power.
Length: 16:45

Climate change and the federal election

September 22, 2008
| Ian Angus says the policies of major parties on global warming range from "Dont' do anything" to "Don't do much".
Length: 16:04

Farming in the heart of the city

September 19, 2008
| An urban farm in the Victoria district of Oak Bay stretches across 18 suburban yards producing food both for the owners of the yards and for sale to other local residents.
Length: 12:42

Urban sprawl threatens Vancouver Island's coastline

September 18, 2008
| Western Forest Products and two other companies are selling off tens of thousands of hectares of private forest lands for real estate development.
Length: 14:04

Ottawa to host military trade show

September 17, 2008
| Activists succeeded in getting Ottawa City Council to ban arms shows in 1989. Now Ottawa is planning to host Secure Canada 2008 on city property.
Length: 14:11

Afghanistan and the federal election

September 16, 2008
| Dave Markland of talks about public opinion on the war in Canada and in Afghanistan in the lead-up to the federal election.
Length: 11:54