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Residents oppose giant Canadian Tire in South Vancouver

November 13, 2007
| Two years ago, Vancouver City Council voted against a huge Walmart. Now Canadian Tire has come forward with a similar proposal - and Walmart is close behind.
Length: 09:25

Liquid Gold

November 12, 2007
| John Calvert's new book documents the dismantling of B.C. Hydro and the end of publicly-owned power in British Columbia.
Length: 16:55

"Let Peace Be Their Memorial"

November 11, 2007
| Two members of Veterans Against Nuclear Arms talk about why they'll be carrying this banner in the Remembrance Day parades today.
Length: 13:18

Victory in fight against highway widening in Vancouver

November 10, 2007
| Opponents to the scheme to widen Highway 1 and twin the Port Mann bridge are celebrating the defeat of a plan brought forward by the city's engineering department.
Length: 08:49

My Kid Could Paint That

November 9, 2007
| Laura Lamb reviews Amir Bar-Lev's documentary about a 4-year-old who paints like Jackson Pollock.
Length: 12:34

Scottish Parliament opposes nuclear subs

November 8, 2007
| When the British government announced it was to extend the life of the Trident submarines at Faslane, Scots united to fight the decision.
Length: 11:35

Vancouver feels the pressure of large-scale gentrification

November 7, 2007
| The City of Vancouver has embarked on a mass rezoning of single family neighbourhoods to pave the way for a new wave of condos and high-end apartment buildings.
Length: 13:12

CAW signs no-strike deal with Magna auto parts

November 5, 2007
| The Framework of Fairness Agreement between the Canadian Auto Workers and Magna International means workers can't strike and they can't have shop stewards.
Length: 17:56

How eating meat harms the environment

November 3, 2007
| John Powles is co-author of a recent study that pinpoints the production of meat as a significant contributor to global warming.
Length: 11:34

Commercialization of science research

November 2, 2007
| Daivd Noble says the appointment of a new president at York University will usher in a new era of corporate involvement in higher education.
Length: 16:31