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Privacy violations on Facebook

June 9, 2008
| A group of students at the Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic are asking the Privacy Commissioner to investigate Facebook
Length: 14:51

Canada set to sign trade agreement with Colombia

June 6, 2008
| Despite Colombia's abysmal human rights record, the Harper government is determined to sign a free trade agreement with the government of President Uribe.
Length: 14:19

Removing Barriers to Work

June 5, 2008
| A new report says the B.C. government is making it too difficult for disabled people to work and that's why the majority don't have jobs.
Length: 13:51

Anti-SLAPP legislation in Quebec

June 4, 2008
| Human rights activists are pushing for Quebec to adopt legislation against SLAPPS - Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation.
Length: 13:03

Damming the Flood: Haiti and the Politics of Containment

June 3, 2008
| An interview with Peter Hallward about his book on Jean-Bertrand Aristide.
Length: 17:28

Dispelling myths about social assistance

May 30, 2008
| A new report challenges the idea that welfare benefits in B.C. are too generous and that it's easy to get on welfare.
Length: 18:45

B.C. adopts new healthcare principle

May 29, 2008
| The Liberal government of Gordon Campbell is enshrining the five principles of the federal Canada Health with the addition of a sixth principal - sustainability.
Length: 08:35 minutes (7.87 MB)


May 28, 2008
| A new documentary by award-winning filmmaker Meghna Haldar explores our fascination with dirt and cleanliness.
Length: 15:30

CanWest: Media Bully - pt 2

May 27, 2008
| Brian Campbell, Murray Dobbin and Martha Roth speak about some of the issues raised by the lawsuit CanWest has brought against Mordecai Briemberg.
Length: 19:52

CanWest: Media Bully - pt 1

May 26, 2008
| Mordecai Briemberg is being sued by CanWest. He and his lawyer were two of the speakers at a recent forum organized by the Seriously Free Speech Committee.
Length: 35:15