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The Poverty Olympics

February 6, 2008
| The mascots for these games are Itchy the Bed Bug, Chewy the Rat and Creepy the Cockroach and there are no winners. We talk to one of the organizers.
Length: 15:49

The Red Indians

February 5, 2008
| A new book by activist and Native Studies scholar Peter Kulchyski looks at the history of Aboriginal people's struggles in Canada.
Length: 13:18

Gaza breakout

February 4, 2008
| Last month hundreds of thousands of Palestinians broke through the wall with Egypt to get the necessities of life. Reverend Robert Assaly explains why.
Length: 15:37

Frank Paul inquiry

February 3, 2008
| It's taken 9 years for the province to agree to hold a public inquiry into the death of a First Nations man dumped by police, drunk and unconscious, in an alley in East Vancouver.
Length: 10:16

Media coverage of the Laibar Singh case

January 31, 2008
| Judy Rebick and Naomi Klein are among those who have signed a letter of complaint to the CRTC about media coverage of the case of a paralyzed Indian man seeking refugee status in Canada.
Length: 16:01

The Black Rider

January 30, 2008
| Laura Lamb reviews this theatrical collaboration between Tom Waits, William Burroughs and Robert Wilson.
Length: 13:32

My Name is Rachel Corrie

January 28, 2008
| Sarah Stanley and Marcus Youseff discuss their production of this controversial play.
Length: 12:45

Cool farming

January 25, 2008
| Agriculture is a major source of global warming. We talk with the author of a report that says farming could be converted from part of the problem to part of the solution.
Length: 16:05

The importance of Internet neutrality

January 24, 2008
| Internet service providers are beginning to chip away at the free exchange of information for the sake of ideology or profit.
Length: 13:07

Why we need a public inquiry into the Mulroney-Schreiber affair

January 23, 2008
| Geoffrey Stevens says more people believe Elvis is still alive than believe Brian Mulroney. But he still says we need a public inquiry into his dealings with Karlheinz Schreiber.
Length: 14:14