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Blue Covenant

October 30, 2007
| Maude Barlow speaks with us about her latest book on the global water crisis and the coming battle for the right to water.
Length: 18:29

A conversation with Malalai Joya

October 29, 2007
| Malalai Joya was elected to the Afghanistan National Assembly in 2005. She is in Canada speaking out against the occupation of her country.
Length: 20:18

Putting the brakes on B.C.'s oil and gas industry

October 28, 2007
| The B.C. government is giving the oil and gas industry tax breaks that are leading to greater environmental damage and faster depletion of the resource.
Length: 14:38

Canadian involvement in Burma

October 27, 2007
| The military regime in Burma continues to be sustained by foreign investment and trade, a significant amount of which comes from Canada.
Length: 15:32

Homeless people set up tents on a city-owned lot

October 26, 2007
| The Christian social justice organization Streams of Justice and homeless people in Vancouver erected a camp to mark Homelessness Action Week.
Length: 13:06

Writing to Change the World

October 25, 2007
| Mary Pipher is a psychologist and best-selling author of "Reviving Ophelia". We talk with her about her new book.
Length: 17:10

The case of the Jena Six

October 24, 2007
| The trial of 6 black students from Jena, Louisiana has refocused attention on race and justice in the US.
Length: 15:13

Bringing torturers to justice in Canada

October 23, 2007
| A court case in Montreal may set a precedent for the prosecution of torturers from other countries now living in Canada.
Length: 13:24

Nicaragua's abortion ban endangering women's lives

October 22, 2007
| Helen Dixon, Nicaraguan women's rights activist, discusses the new anti-abortion laws which set back women's rights literally 101 years.
Length: 15:10

Biofuels and world hunger

October 20, 2007
| Biofuels are being touted as the green solution to the energy crisis and global warming. Eric Holt-Gimenez of Food First disagrees.
Length: 16:29