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Tracking the spin on Wikipedia

January 10, 2008
| Virigil Griffith created the Wikiscanner to find out who's making anonymous edits to their own pages on the world's biggest online encyclopedia.
Length: 06:40 minutes (6.12 MB)

Canada's Deadly Secret

January 9, 2008
| In his new book, Jim Harding says uranium from Saskatchewan mines is primarily used to fuel the global nuclear weapons system.
Length: 41:01

Inside the Bottle

January 8, 2008
| The Polaris Institute says it's time to end our love affair with bottled water. Tap water costs less, tastes just as good and doesn't create any garbage.
Length: 16:15

Pakistan in the aftermath of Benazir Bhutto's assassination

January 7, 2008
| We speak with Sameer Dossani, a Pakistan-American and director of 50 Years Is Enough: U.S. Network for Global Economic Justice
Length: 18:01

Canadian mining companies active in Congo

January 3, 2008
| Canada is the second largest investor in sub-Saharan Africa. Mining companies have continued to extract resources from the Congo, through more than 10 years of warfare.
Length: 12:50

Canada's asbestos exports

January 2, 2008
| Canada is one of the few industrialised nations that hasn't banned asbestos. It not only allows it to be mined, but also promotes its export to the global South.
Length: 15:46

2007 Falsies Awards for media spin

December 31, 2007
| The Center for Media and Democracy hands out awards each year to the fakest media stories of the year.
Length: 14:19

Building a media reform movement in Canada

December 28, 2007
| Robert McChesney is president of Free Speech, the largest media reform organization in the States. He spoke in Vancouver on Media Democracy Day.
Length: 28:01

Mass deportation of Mexican Americans

December 26, 2007
| In 1931, more than a million Mexican Americans were deported back to Mexico in what would be seen now as an attempt to ethnically cleanse many cities in the U.S.
Length: 16:02

Homeless to housed in one day

December 24, 2007
| Judy Graves pioneered a unique approach to housing homeless people which has now been adopted by B.C. Housing in 17 municipalitites across the province.
Length: 16:40