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Cost of Eating in B.C.

December 12, 2007
| The 2007 report from Dieticians of Canada finds that people living on a low income simply can't afford to eat a healthy diet.
Length: 11:41

Safe Third Country Agreement struck down

December 11, 2007
| We talk with Leigh Salsberg, one of the lawyers in the successful court challenge of the agreement that has effectively closed the land border to refugees.
Length: 16:30

Toxins in toys

December 7, 2007
| Governments in the U.S. and Canada are allowing phthalates in toys, despite research showing they have serious health effects on children.
Length: 10:35

Mandatory minimums for drug offences

December 6, 2007
| Stephen Harper wants to bring in an amendment to Canadian law that could start a US-style war on drugs in this country.
Length: 11:34

Court victory for Tsilhqot'in in B.C. Interior

December 5, 2007
| Last month Justice David Vickers of the B.C. Supreme Court found in favour of the Tsilhqot'in in their claim to aboriginal title of their territory around Williams Lake.
Length: 14:25

Beyond the Green Zone

December 4, 2007
| Dahr Jamail talks about his book about his experiences as an unembedded journalist in occupied Iraq
Length: 15:44

Big box childcare

November 30, 2007
| B.C. may follow Australia's lead and allow multinational corporations to displace community childcare.
Length: 15:47

Amending the Venezuelan constitution

November 29, 2007
| Scholar and author James Petras details some of the changes that Venezuelans will be voting on December 2.
Length: 15:31

A blueprint for climate action in British Columbia

November 28, 2007
| The B.C. government says it's going to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 33%. A new report looks at what they'll have to do to achieve that reduction.
Length: 12:21

Taser death of Robert Dziekanski at Vancouver Airport

November 27, 2007
| Cameron Ward represented the family of Robert Bagnell who died after being Tasered in 2004. He discusses the response of Taser International and the RCMP to Taser deaths.
Length: 17:22