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B.C. provincial park threatened by power transmission lines

March 9, 2008
| A private power company wants the B.C. government to remove part of Pinecone Burke Provincial Park for a tranmission line.
Length: 14:37

Freezing in the Dark

March 8, 2008
| Gordon Laxer explains why Canada needs strategic petroleum reserves.
Length: 14:05

Kuba and Paradise

February 29, 2008
| Laura Lamb reviews two works by the Turkish video artist Kutlug Ataman currently showing at the Vancouver Art Gallery.
Length: 15:14

B.C.'s enhanced driver's licence alarms privacy commissioners

February 27, 2008
| B.C. Privacy Commissioner David Loukidelis outlines some of his concerns about the new driver's licence being tested by the B.C. government.
Length: 14:28

The Rights Blanket

February 25, 2008
| <p>A high-tech rainproof tarp, developed by Pivot Legal Society and Mountain Equipment Co-op, keeps homeless people dry <u>and</u> informs them about their rights.</p>
Length: 14:13

Resisting the University

February 23, 2008
| Students for a Democratic Society at UBC are organizing a conference to examine some of the tensions and contradictions of current-day universities.
Length: 10:10

Canada tries to strong-arm Europe into accepting GMOs

February 21, 2008
| Canada is one of the biggest producers of genetically-engineered crops. It wants the European Union to abide by a 2006 ruling by the World Trade Organization.
Length: 12:47

Canada's new security certificate legislation

February 19, 2008
| The new law is no better than the old law, according to Diana Ralph, an advocate for Hassan Almrei, who has been detained since 2001.
Length: 15:49

The Manley report on Afghanistan

February 16, 2008
| Anti-war activist Dave Markland comments on what's in and what's missing from John Manley's report on Afghanistan.
Length: 14:59

Canadian space technology company sold to U.S. arms manufacturer

February 15, 2008
| Canadian aerospace company MDA is being portrayed as a peaceful corporation being taken over by a U.S. arms maker. Richard Sanders says MDA has been involved in weapons technology before.
Length: 17:18