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Do No Harm

Now that March is upon us, I’m guessing there are a fair number of folks out there who are trying to forget that they ever made that one, really tough, New Year’s resolution.

You know the one I’m talking about. It might be hidden behind a vague intention to “try to be nicer.” Or perhaps it’s crouching ashamed between a brace of healthy indulgences, like “I’ll stick to lite beer this year” and “I will sleep in till noon every Sunday.”

Yep, I’m talking about The Big One.


Memo to Bush: The case for invading Canada

TO: The President of the United States
FROM: Steven Laffoley


The Gay Divorcé

Discovery and Disclosure of Assets


O Michaëlle Jean, I want to lick your boots

Your Excellency the Right Honorable Mme. Michaëlle Jean: I just want to say that it is so cool to have you as our Governor-General!

Like John Ibbitson in The Globe and Mail, Andrew Coyne in the National Postand countless other gushers of purple prose in the media punditry, I am sogoddamn proud that when it comes to choosing a local stand-in for ourdynastic monarch, we only go for the best.

You are such an inspiration to all us colonial plebs, Your Excellency. Justlooking at you, it's so obvious why you were chosen.


Courageous experts call for Martin quarantine

On Friday, June 13, in Montreal, a team of courageous medical experts gathered at local MP and potential Prime Minister Paul Martinâe(TM)s office to undertake the dangerous task of quarantining the multi-millionaire before the final Liberal leadership debate.


Electricity quotas: an idea whose time has come?

In a 2006 survey by the Dominion Institute, 72% of Canadians said they believe that, by 2020, global warming will have become the greatest crisis facing humankind. While the cause of global warming is still being debated in a few dusty corners, the scientific mainstream believes that global warming is caused by our continued and expanding use of fossil fuels. This crisis seems exacerbated by the apparent lack of political will, in Canada and the US to address the cause of greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs), the combustion of fossil fuels to produce energy.


Praying to the free market God

Our God is a free market kind of God. How else to explain the reality that our Benevolent God of Gods chooses to smite, maim and otherwise do grave, sometimes even life-ending, bodily harm to those who would choose — or are simply unlucky enough — to live in a province with public auto insurance?

Thank God, in Nova Scotia we get to live in a paradise under a government with the good sense to put their faith and our auto insurance premium dollars in the hands of God-fearing, profit-driven, private sector insurance companies.


It's time to take action on global emergency

While governments and industry focus on the economic costs of dramatically reducing greenhouse gas emissions, they act as though there are no economic costs associated with hurricanes and tornadoes, massive flooding, or entire populations rendered unproductive by heat waves that leave them gasping to survive.


Powerful minority hijacks system

I'm fed up. Our political system has been hijacked for too long by a powerful minority, who, if allowed to continue promoting their interests to everyone else's detriment, are endangering our very pluralism.

I'm talking about heterosexual men, of course. Yes, them: the guys who get to drive most of the time and give all the after-dinner speeches. If you let them, straight men will monopolize every sound system and TV remote within reach, and I've heard they often expect their spouses to take their name.


Rethinking political parties

The need for radical social change is pressing and the desire for it widespread. Traditionally, political parties have been the means of giving shape, leadership and coherence to such desires. But in present circumstances they are simply not up to the task. There's never been a golden age for parties of the left but there have been periods âe" the 1920s until the late 1960s âe" when the majority of people desiring change in a broadly socialist direction would be members or supporters of mass socialist or communist parties.


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