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Dear Ontario teachers: Don't let McGuinty get away with this

I know you're angry right now. You should be. That your bargaining process has been interrupted by the reprehensible actions of the Liberals and Progressive Conservatives in Ontario should outrage you and all Ontarians who support you.

I want to acknowledge your pain. Having never had a student wet himself beside me, having never had to separate a fight where girls' hair is strewn across the floor, having never had to explain why the Merchant of Venice doesn't suck, having never had to stop myself from swearing for more than a few days at a time ... I know that what you do I could never do. What you do, most people can't do. Even with the shitty teachers lumped in, the service you give to the community deserves to be acknowledged, honoured and celebrated.


G20 inquiry, now!

Rogue page Brigette Depape spoke to the crowd.
Protesters call for better policing and inquiry...

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Torontonians demand candidates respond to their issues and needs

Last May, I resolved to start a movement to encourage Torontonians to eat their ballots on October 25. I'm not normally one to promote and encourage movements of entrenched disenfranchisement but this mayoral election had so disappointed me, eating my ballot seemed to be a better option than any other, i.e. voting for a candidate.

As I talked to others who are normally just as engaged in local politics as I am, it was clear that disenfranchisement was widespread.

I wondered why, until I went to an all-candidates debate hosted by Brian Mulroney's son Ben.


| January 19, 2015
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| January 12, 2015
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| December 9, 2014

From 14 to thousands: Remembering victims of femicide

Photo: flickr/Ben Townsend

Editor's note: Many names are included in this piece. One has not been included due to a publication ban.

Twenty-five years ago I was five years old.

I remember seeing the images and hearing that women had been killed.

It wasn't until my university classes, one in particular, where I felt the gravity of what had happened on that Wednesday morning in December, 1989. It was my first-year reporting class at Ryerson. We were analyzing the images and the mistakes made by journalists as they scrambled to tell the story that 14 women had been shot and killed.


Reject the politics of division, re-inject the love and social solidarity

Photo: Darcy Knoll/flickr
Nora Loreto writes a passionate blog about the Ottawa Shooting events that happened Wednesday October 22.

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Photo: Darcy Knoll/flickr
| October 22, 2014

How do we push the NDP to improve their childcare strategy while supporting their efforts?

Photo: flickr/David Robert Bliwas
It is great that the NDP has a national child care plan -- it much needed. But how do we ask for improvements while still supporting them?

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