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Emma Lui is the national water campaigner for the Council of Canadians. Emma is also a researcher on water issues, human rights, water privatization and corporate social responsibility. She has an M.A. in political economy and a B.A. in human rights and law from Carleton University.
Photo: Council of Canadians board member Moira Peters and packed audience listen
| March 30, 2016
| March 25, 2016
Photo of Grand River at the Elora Gorge by the Grand River Conservation Authorit
| November 14, 2015
| September 29, 2015
Photo: Flickr: theo_reth
| September 26, 2015
CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 Jen Castro
| July 28, 2015
| July 27, 2015
Photo by Brad Caribou Legs Firth
| June 23, 2015
Photo by Bradley Caribou Legs Firth, Three Valley Lake, Revelstoke, B.C.
| June 22, 2015
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