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Africafiles: The Pulse

Canadian mining companies in Africa

November 20, 2013
| Mining in Africa is big business, but what impact is it having on local communities? AfricaFiles speaks to Jamie Kneen of MiningWatch Canada and documentary filmmaker Julien Fr├ęchette.
Length: 18:34 minutes (12.75 MB)

Female Food Champions contest in Tanzania

There were over 6,000 applications for the prize of Mama Shujaa Wa Chakula (Female Food Champion). Eleven finalists were chosen for their outstanding contribution to their community and agriculture.


Canada advances mining company interests in Africa

While Canadians may think of ourselves as best known for owning the Olympic podium, among Africans we may actually be better known -- and not particularly liked -- for owning their natural resources.

Once beloved on the continent, Canada is no longer so fondly regarded in Africa.

The new, less enthusiastic view of Canada was vividly illustrated last month when more than 1,500 desperately poor Tanzanian villagers picked up machetes, rocks and hammers and stormed the mining compound of Canadian-owned African Barrick Gold.

Africafiles: The Pulse

Tanzanian gold mining: The devil in the detail

February 9, 2011
| In May 2009, toxic waste from a gold mine located in North Mara, Tanzania, spilled into River Thigithe. This was the beginning of a long line of human rights abuses by African Barrick.
Length: 14:25
Africafiles: The Pulse

Presidential elections in Africa: Is democracy really the answer?

November 19, 2010
| Discussing presidential elections outcomes in Cote d'Ivoire, Tanzania, Niger and Guinea.
Length: 17:35
November 5, 2010 |
Farmers First is designed to address food security in select communities in four countries of Africa in which hunger is a major problem.
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