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Outrage as Ottawa company cuts down Beaver Pond Forest

Just a 20 minute drive west of Parliament Hill in the nation's capital lies Beaver Pond, an old-growth forest that according to First Nations is of historic and spiritual significance.

The forest is also home to what archaeologists estimate to be a 10,000 year-old stone circle. But according to reports, as of Monday the 1,100-hectare wilderness is being "clear-cut" -- all to make room for a new subdivision.

It isn't only First Nations who value this land. Surrounded by suburbs, the land is used by area residents for walking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and mountain biking.


The fight to save Ottawa's Beaver Pond forest from developers


A candlelight vigil in Ottawa's Beaver Pond forest on Jan. 1 marked the start of the United Nations International Year of the Forest -- and the last time people may be able to gather in its lush greenery before it's clear-cut.

Cutting down trees to make way for residential subdivisions is nothing new in Canadian cities. Private developers clear land to build homes, sometimes over residents' objections. Most cities have processes by which citizens can voice their concerns, but these often find in favour of landowners despite local, provincial, national and international statements made about protecting the natural environment.


| July 25, 2014
| January 23, 2014
| February 18, 2012

Purepecha vs Drug Cartells

"The indigenous Purepecha people of this town surrounded by mountains of pine forests and neat farmland took security into their own hands last month after loggers, who residents say are backed by cartel henchmen and local police, killed two residents and wounded several others."



Bad forestry meets problematic energy policy in N.S.

Add this up if you can. After decades of public outrage and expert testimony about too much clearcutting in Nova Scotia and a three-year process to create a natural resources policy meant to bring about sustainable forestry, the NDP government appears to be sending the whole thing up in smoke at the last minute.

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