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Quebec right attacks MNA Amir Khadir

Just a week after being proclaimed the most popular politician in Quebec, Amir Khadir, the only MNA from Quebec solidaire, was out in public again to support a controversial issue knowing it would prompt rabid attacks from his opponents.

Khadir took to the street on Dec. 18 to picket a Montreal shoe store that sells Israeli-made products, as a part of a consumer boycott campaign initiated by the Boycott, Divestment and Sanction group, a Palestinian solidarity organization. While the effectiveness of this tactic for the Palestinian cause is debatable, one ought to commend Amir's courage to stand up for his principle without fearing what it will do to his popularity.


| August 19, 2012

Quebec's student uprising: An interview with Amir Khadir

Amir Khadir in his Quebec City office. (Photo: Michaël Pineault)

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In Quebec City last night, Amir Khadir of Québec solidaire was arrested by police in the Petit Champlain neighbourhood along with many others joining a nightly casseroles protest in solidarity with the Quebec student strike and against Law 78.



What sets Quebec solidaire apart from other political parties

March 2, 2011
| Redeye talks with Roger Rashi, founding member of Quebec Solidaire and a social and political activist living in Montreal.
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