Living On Purpose

Living On Purpose

Lynn Thompson is the host and producer of "Living on Purpose", a thoughtful, nourishing blend of ideas, conversation and music offered in a spirit of health and well-being. Guests are invited to share their insights and inspirations through how they embrace life's challenges and opportunities.
Living On Purpose

# 215 - Meet tradition keeper Dalva Lamminmäki

January 17, 2014
| Dalva Lamminmäki has visited Canada from Finland in this last year, finding a growing network of people interested in traditions that she speaks about, and... trees.
Length: 13:49 minutes (12.66 MB)
Living On Purpose

# 214 - Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ottawa

December 8, 2013
| Canada's leading child and youth mentoring charity presented a 'Big Speakers' event at the Ottawa Convention Centre, featuring Arlene Dickinson and Sir Terence Matthews.
Length: 09:11 minutes (8.42 MB)
Living On Purpose

# 212 - Dianne Collins - Part One

November 21, 2013
| "Do You QuantumThink?" Dianne Collins, with wonder and passion, discusses the reality of "QuantumThink" in this first of two segments of conversation.
Length: 42:49 minutes (39.21 MB)
Living On Purpose

# 213 - Dianne Collins - Part Two

November 21, 2013
| In this second of two segments, Dianne explores further some of the 21 Distinctions of "QuantumThink".
Length: 37:44 minutes (34.56 MB)
Living On Purpose

# 211 - Bill Farr - The Power of Personality Types

October 8, 2013
| Bill Farr is inspired to help people transform relationships that may naturally be in conflict and to find the perfect match for their personality types.
Length: 55:14 minutes (50.57 MB)
Living On Purpose

# 210 - Larry Pegg - Before and Afterlife: The Theory of Positivity

September 27, 2013
| In December 2007 the lives of many, primarily Larry Pegg and his family, were forever transformed by the unexpected loss of the older of two daughters to suicide.
Length: 34:02 minutes (31.16 MB)
Living On Purpose

# 209 - Karen Nowak

July 30, 2013
| Karen Nowak is an Animal Communication Consultant & Human Energy Facilitator. Also co-founder of Source Resonance Healing with Nedda Wittels.
Length: 47:48 minutes (43.77 MB)
Living On Purpose

# 208 - Oriah Mountain Dreamer

July 1, 2013
| Oriah is the author of 'The Invitation,' a poem written in 1994, which continues to resonate with readers today.
Length: 49:40 minutes (45.48 MB)
Living On Purpose

# 207 - Urban Flute Project - Jamie Thompson

June 16, 2013
| Innovative and engaging: Jamie Thompson, creator of Urban Flute Project is based in Toronto, with extensive community outreach.
Length: 15:58 minutes (14.62 MB)
Living On Purpose

# 206 - "When You Can You Will"

June 12, 2013
| Lynne Bernfield is the author of this book about discerning reasons that keep us from making changes we'd like to make. She is a multi-talented woman who is the founder of 'Psychotherapy on the Go'.
Length: 34:22 minutes (31.47 MB)