Living On Purpose

Living On Purpose

Lynn Thompson is the host and producer of "Living on Purpose", a thoughtful, nourishing blend of ideas, conversation and music offered in a spirit of health and well-being. Guests are invited to share their insights and inspirations through how they embrace life's challenges and opportunities.
Living On Purpose

# 187 ~ Emails on purpose

December 24, 2011
| From the fullness of heart, Lynn Thompson shares musings about managing emails, and the wonder of the Internet.
Length: 08:22 minutes (7.68 MB)
Living On Purpose

# 186 ~ Gabriel Padva - Passion on Purpose

November 17, 2011
| Gabriel's Personal Manifesto is to live with passion and to help others find clarity, success and happiness. He loves what he does, and wants to help you achieve that, too.
Length: 20:18
Living On Purpose

# 185 ~ Compassion Farm

October 6, 2011
| Urban-farming issue in small Vancouver Island community.
Length: 29:35
Living On Purpose

# 184 ~ Nina Brown: Return of Love to Planet Earth

September 24, 2011
| Author and reluctant visionary Nina Brown speaks of her journey to facilitate progress on the planet.
Length: 54:49
Living On Purpose

# 183 ~ Ten years after 9-11

September 17, 2011
| Raymond Geisler, host of "Unbought and Unbossed," the longest running 9-11 truth radio show in Canada, in conversation with Living on Purpose.
Length: 29:52
Living On Purpose

#182 ~ Living up to purpose

August 18, 2011
| A two-month road trip across Canada offers insights and reflection.
Length: 09:57
Living On Purpose

#181 ~ Happy Spring!

April 27, 2011
| The sounds of spring with a reading of images for the listening ear!
Length: 03:38 minutes (3.35 MB)
Living On Purpose

# 180 ~ Share International

March 28, 2011
| Betsy Whitfill shares her experience of meeting an enlightened Teacher named Maitreya, which caused her to change the priorities in her life.
Length: 31:30
Living On Purpose

# 179 ~ Purposeful Self-Confidence

February 2, 2011
| Tony Richards is the author of Self-Confidence for Happiness and Success
Length: 58:33
Living On Purpose

#178 ~ Re-Write Your Life

December 29, 2010
| June Swadron re-writes her life every day and guides thousands to do the same.
Length: 06:56 minutes (6.36 MB)