Reel Women

Reel Women

Every two weeks Judy and Cathi surprise (and occasionally shock) one another with unexpected cinematic delicacies they've found tucked into the wall at the video hut. Tune in while these two radio sirens talk about intriguing new video releases sliding into home entertainment centres across the country.
Reel Women

DVD Review: War? What is it good for? Absolutely nothing, say it again!

January 29, 2010
| Check out two great war vids: Oscar hopeful The Hurt Locker and Oscar winner The Fog of War.
Length: 08:05 minutes (3.29 MB)
Reel Women

DVD review: Is agribusiness killing you and how would South Africans eliminate aliens?

January 15, 2010
| Judy Rebick investigates Food Inc. and Cathi Bond takes a trip to District Nine.
Length: 09:28 minutes (6.51 MB)
Reel Women

DVD Review: Huntin' Nazi Basterds and Starving to Death for a Cause

December 31, 2009
| Bring in the New Year with Inglourious Basterds and Steve McQueen's Hunger.
Length: 09:08 minutes (6.28 MB)
Reel Women

DVD Review: Notorious Big and Tupac Shakur Versus Sascha Baron Cohen

December 18, 2009
| Two very different approaches to documentary filmmaking -- but they're both seriously in your face.
Length: 08:58
Reel Women

DVD Review: Get Scared, Really Scared, Down at Your Friendly Neighbourhood Video Hut

November 25, 2009
| Judy Rebick and Cathi Bond check out Sam Raimi's Drag me to Hell and who doesn't love Carrie?
Length: 06:07 minutes (5.65 MB)
Reel Women

DVD review: The changing face of cinematic activism

October 15, 2009
| Judy Rebick shares Velcrow Ripper's Fierce Light and Cathi goes to the cotton mill with Norma Rae.
Length: 09:40 minutes (6.68 MB)
Reel Women

DVD Review: Grab Your Prayer Beads and Polish Your Cross - Judy and Cathi Get Religious

September 28, 2009
| Two Don't Miss Religious Flix - Doubt and Night of the Hunter - Faith Classics You'll Never Forget
Length: 08:07 minutes (5.62 MB)
Reel Women

DVD Review: The Watchmen - Don't Watch it - Manon of the Spring - Fill Up Your Jug

September 9, 2009
| Zach Snyder's latest flick might be a must for fans, but for newbies, read the novel first!
Length: 06:16 minutes (2.56 MB)
Reel Women

DVD Review: Innuit Women Break into the Movies and Gerard Depardieu Takes a Trip to Provence

July 29, 2009
| Two terrific flix this week: Jean de Florette (which saved French cinema) and Before Tomorrow
Length: 09:23 minutes (6.45 MB)
Reel Women

DVD Reviews: Strolling the suburbs with Leonardo and Kate circa 1955 and Orson Welles' Vienna

July 5, 2009
| Is The Third Man the best noir ever? And what about Sam Mendez taking the Revolutionary Road
Length: 09:32 minutes (6.6 MB)