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Photo: Tech. Sgt. Sean Worrell/DVIDSHUB/flickr
| September 3, 2015
Stephen Harper at the 14th Sommet de la Francophonie in Kinshasa, Congo in 2012.
| June 15, 2015
| March 9, 2015

Rise of Boko Haram linked to U.S. foreign policy in Africa

January 28, 2015
| Boko Haram rose to prominence last year when they kidnapped 276 schoolgirls. They now control large areas of northeastern Nigeria. Ajamu Baraka says this rise is linked to the NATO attack on Libya.
Length: 16:03 minutes (14.7 MB)
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Fighting the Ebola epidemic through journalism

January 13, 2015
| As the Ebola outbreak continues to hit West Africa, local reporters fight the epidemic through journalism.
Length: 16:33 minutes (15.17 MB)
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The Ethiopian village founded on equality

September 26, 2014
| Awra Amba, a community in northern Ethiopia, has rejected aid and embraced equality for more than 40 years.
Length: 19:40 minutes (18.02 MB)
Image: Flickr/European Commission DG ECHO
| September 22, 2014
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Building interfaith peace in Africa

August 14, 2014
| African religious scholars discuss the link between religion and conflict in Africa -- and propose a way forward.
Length: 31:52 minutes (29.18 MB)
Omar Al-Bashir, Sudanese President
| July 14, 2014
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The myth of Africa rising

June 11, 2014
| The idea of "Africa rising" may be popular, but is it true? Political economist Patrick Bond pulls apart the "Africa rising" narrative.
Length: 27:19 minutes (25.01 MB)
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