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100th anniversary walking tour of the Komagata Maru

August 1, 2014
| In 1914, the Komogata Maru steamed into Vancouver. For the next two months, the over 300 would-be immigrants were stranded in the harbour. Naveen Girn led a historical walking tour on July 23.
Length: 13:27 minutes (12.33 MB)
Photo credit: Melanie Cervantes
| June 25, 2014
| June 20, 2014
| June 9, 2014

Report released on immigration detention highlights injustice

Yesterday a report entitled "Endless, Arbitrary and Unfair: The Truth about Immigration Detention in Canada" was released by No One is Illegal – Toronto and the End Immigration Detention Network.

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| June 9, 2014
Merchant in Aleppo, Syria prior to civil war
| June 6, 2014
| June 3, 2014

Video: Migrants know your rights

No One Is Illegal aims to provide basic legal information to people without immigration status so that they will be able to better protect themselves from the risks of immigration arrest and detention.

For more information, please visit No One Is Illegal here.

Four reasons why shutting down TFWP is no solution

Photo: flickr/Jeff Nelson
At a time when all provinces are cutting resources from departments responsible for keeping corporations in check, it's not about abolishing the TFWP, it's about ensuring labour protection for all.

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