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Syed Hussan

I got my permanent residency, and it's complicated.

| February 24, 2014

Canada Border Services quota to strip refugees of status

February 4, 2014
| According to a bulletin obtained by Vancouver immigration lawyer Richard Kurland through access to information legislation, the CBSA aims to deport 875 permanent residents this year.
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January 31, 2014 |
Recent media reports suggest measures intended to reduce the abuse of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program are being undermined.

Vancouver vigil demands immigration reform and public inquiry after latest detainee death

A vigil and petition has been launched to demand a full and transparent investigation into the tragic and shameful death of Lucia Vega Jimenez.

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Justice for Deepan - Regaining Citizenship

January 20, 2014
| Canadian born Deepan Budlakoti has faced targeting by Harper's racist government for deportation to India, a country where he has never lived and does not hold citizenship.
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Rally at Lindsay jail calls for end to indefinite immigration detention

| December 17, 2013

Causes of migration missing from U.S. debate on immigration reform

November 30, 2013
| Since NAFTA was signed 20 years ago, economic conditions in Mexico have worsened dramatically. Yet Obama has reneged on promises to reform the labour provisions that have been so destructive.
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Genocide, refugees and an inconvenient truth about Harper's boycott

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"Canada will not tolerate the abuse of the Immigration system by terrorist elements escaping Sri Lanka." -- former Minister of Immigration Jason Kenney

In 2009, I was amongst thousands of Toronto’s Tamil community that protested against the war in Sri Lanka. We braved the bitter cold and formed human chains across downtown to desperately turn people's attention to the carnage of chemical weapons unleashed on our families and communities.

While most Torontonians celebrated mother’s day, we occupied the Gardiner Expressway when over a thousand civilians were killed in 24 hours.


Talking Radical Radio

Fighting an unjust deportation: Justice for Deepan

October 2, 2013
| Canadian-born Deepan Budlakoti is fighting the threat of an unjust deportation with the support of the Justice for Deepan committee. He and organizer Stan Kupferschmidt talk about their work.
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Secret case keeps Freeman from coming home

Photo: darkroom productions/flickr

Anytime a government wants to hide its errors and illegality, it pulls down the shades of national security confidentiality and refuses to disclose any information. Time and again, the Canadian government's own cries for secrecy have been found to be without substance. Federal court decisions, judicial inquiries into complicity in torture, and various freedom of access to information requests have revealed the extent to which secrecy becomes the convenient way out from having to explain and be held accountable for lousy policy, inhumane actions and sheer incompetence.

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