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Jason Kenney, Snakehead: Canada's exploitation of temporary foreign workers

Canada is abandoning the idea of building multicultural communities and getting into the business of exploiting temporary foreign workers. So what's the beef ?

| September 25, 2012

U.S. veterans call on Canada to let war resister Kim Rivera stay

We are writing you on behalf of thousands of military veterans in the United States who believe that Kimberly Rivera and her family should be allowed to remain in Canada.

As a U.S. soldier, Kimberly Rivera spent six months in Iraq where she witnessed the injustice caused by illegal U.S. war. Home on leave in the U.S., she decided that she could not in good conscience continue to be part of the U.S. occupation of Iraq. Kimberly Rivera drove to Canada hoping to find a safe haven for herself, her husband, and their two young children.


Prominent Canadians to Jason Kenney: Let Iraq War resister Kimberly Rivera stay in Canada

TORONTO—With less than two days left before Kimberly Rivera and her family, including two Canadian children, must leave Canada or be deported, supporters of the US Iraq War resister are calling on Immigration Minister Jason Kenney to stop delaying and make a decision on the Rivera family’s three-year-old application to stay in Canada on humanitarian and compassionate grounds (H&C).

As of Tuesday morning, nearly 19,000 people had signed a petition urging Minister Kenney to grant the Rivera family's H&C application.


| September 17, 2012
| September 14, 2012
| September 11, 2012

Activists call for immigration reform at Democratic National Convention

Immigration activists in Hempstead, Long Island. Photo: longislandwins/Flickr

CHARLOTTE, N.C.—As the Democratic National Convention was gavelled into session Tuesday, outside in the rain, in the paramilitarized heart of Charlotte, democracy in its finest form found expression. Democracy, that is, if you believe that it's built on a foundation of grassroots movements: the abolitionist struggle, the fight for women's suffrage, the civil-rights movement. In this city, where one of the first lunch counter sit-ins against segregation occurred, 10 undocumented immigrants blocked an intersection, risking arrest and possible deportation while calling on President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party to embrace the immigrant-rights movement and pass meaningful immigration reform.

Jason Kenney would like you to read rabble blogs.
| August 2, 2012

Sri Lankan Tamil asylum seeker and torture survivor to be deported by Australia back to Sri Lanka


I'm a staffer at RISE: Refugees, Survivors & Ex-Detainees - the only refugee/asylum seeker support and advocacy group in Australia that is governed and run by members of the refugee and asylum seeker communities.

On Tuesday 17 July, Mr X (his identity cannot be revealed for fear of reprisals against him and/or his family by the Sri Lankan government), was taken out of the community in Melbourne where he was staying with his sister and brother-in-law and detained at Maribyrnong Immigration Detention Centre in the suburbs of Melbourne.

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