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Having an orange crush on the NDP

Orange crush: Jack Layton at a rally in Saskatoon. April 9, 2011. Photo: Matt Jiggins/Flickr
The NDP are flying high. Humberto DaSilva reminds us why they deserve to.

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Learning and co-operation best options for tough challenges ahead

Quebec tried, but the rest of Canada couldn't pull it out of the hat.

As delighted as many of us are to be sending a historic number of NDPers to Ottawa, the fact is that this election was largely a referendum on Stephen Harper's rights-defying prison-and-punishment agenda, and he won. The Official Opposition will exercise precious little real power.

Of course, many of us disagree strongly with right-wing Tea Party politics. But resistance to the Conservatives went much deeper. Harper took so many liberties with the basic tenets of democracy and respect for Parliament that even the country's leading constitutional expert became an advocate of strategic voting (and to defeat him.

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