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| August 11, 2014
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| August 8, 2014
| August 7, 2014

The war on higher education: What side are you on?

Neoliberalism's War on Higher Education

by Henry A. Giroux
(Between the Lines,

Henry Giroux's Neoliberalism's War on Higher Education, a treatise on two concepts no one can fully agree on -- neoliberalism and the university -- could have just as easily had another name: The Disappearance of Public Intellectuals. Why? Because for Giroux, the clash between late capitalism and higher education has everything to do with the demise of the public, and the public intellectual emerges as the flailing hero.


SOS! Alternatives to capitalism needed please

SOS: Alternatives to Capitalism

by Richard Swift
(Between the Lines,

Richard Swift's book, SOS: Alternatives to Capitalism, is a much needed antidote to the myriad of political clap trap that spouts from our daily newspapers and much of our "left" journalism which suggests that capitalism can be reformed and regulated in such a way that an ecological and economic disaster can be avoided. 


| July 22, 2014
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| July 10, 2014
July 9, 2014 |
Football is the world's game. But capitalism is undermining sports with repressive regimes, corporate profits and racism.

George Monbiot on The Pricing of Everything

July 9, 2014
| In the annual lecture at the Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute, George Monbiot challenges the idea that it's possible to put a price on nature.
Length: 47:28 minutes (43.46 MB)
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