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Recounting and reflecting on Saskatchewan's co-operative history

Photo: flickr/Dean Shareski

In this interview Darrin Qualman explores the history of farmer co-operatives in Saskatchewan and more broadly the prairie regions of Canada, focusing specifically on the collective wheat pools and the federally regulated Canadian Wheat Board. Qualman is an author and community activist, who has worked extensively with Canada's National Farmers Union, while also working internationally as a board member of Action Group on Erosion, Technology and Concentration (ETC Group).

Qualman addresses some of the context and history of the rural co-operative movement in Saskatchewan, pointing to the important role that agricultural co-operatives play in illustrating a concrete alternative to corporate capitalism. 


Image: Wikimedia Commons
| May 21, 2014
May 19, 2014 |
It is time we stopped playing the game, and put an end to the system that lifts up racism, sexism and bad sports like Donald Sterling in the first place.
Asia Pacific Currents

Profits lead to mass killings -- The Soma coal mine disaster in Turkey

May 16, 2014
| Interview with Kemal Ozkan from IndustriALL Global Union on the Soma mine disaster in Turkey and labour news round up from the region.
Length: 29:24 minutes (26.92 MB)

Resisting a System in Crisis: Marxism 2014

Saturday, June 14, 2014 - 10:00am - Sunday, June 15, 2014 - 5:00pm


Multi-Faith Centre, University of Toronto
569 Spadina Ave.
Toronto, ON
43° 39' 39.7692" N, 79° 24' 4.266" W

From recession to climate disasters, it's clear capitalism is a system in crisis, and the response of the 1% is to make the rest of us pay for it -- with austerity, oppression, and imperialism. But there are also resistance movements uniting people for climate justice, economic justice, and liberation. 

On June 14 and 15 in Toronto, join us for a weekend-long political conference of ideas to change the world. Topics include anti-imperialism, workers' struggles, climate justice, indigenous sovereignty and resistance, combating oppression, socialists and elections, understanding capitalism and more. 

Sessions include: 


Capitalism, oligarchy and the new economic order

Image: Jared Rodriguez / Truthout/flickr

What Is Stephen Harper Reading? That was the title of a book Yann Martel wrote in 2011. He wrote it as a compilation of recommended readings he sent bi-monthly to Prime Minister Stephen Harper. I know it is a bit late but I wish Martel had included among those titles Capital in the Twenty-First Century, the newly released book authored by French economist Thomas Piketty.

As an economist by training, Stephen Harper would be interested in reading what Thomas Piketty has to say about capitalism and the threat that rising inequality is representing for the whole economic system.

Book jacket of Capital in the Twenty-First Century
| May 8, 2014

The global reach of temporary foreign worker policies

Photo: John Perivolaris/flickr

There used to be another word for temporary foreign workers. They were called immigrants. They did jobs that, we're told, Canadians now don't want to do. That included mining, assembly-line manufacturing, construction and cleaning. They did them with relative verve because they were en route to being Canadians and so were their kids -- especially the kids.

Photo: Javier Corbo/flickr
| April 28, 2014

Climate change, capitalism and our climate crisis mismatch

Photo: Esti Alvarez/flickr

This is a story about bad timing.

One of the most disturbing ways that climate change is already playing out is through what ecologists call "mismatch" or "mistiming." This is the process whereby warming causes animals to fall out of step with a critical food source, particularly at breeding times, when a failure to find enough food can lead to rapid population losses.

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