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Speak out against racial profiling and anti-immigrant raids

Sign the petition here! Via No One Is Illegal Toronto:

On Thursday, Aug. 14, 2014, at least 21 of our family members and friends were on their way to work when they were racially profiled, forcefully IDd, and arrested. They now face possibly endless detention and separation from their families simply for trying to put food on the table. Sign the petition to oppose racial profiling and anti-immigrant raids! 


Stop Harper's First Nation Termination Plan!

Stop Harper's First Nation termination plan by educating yourself and spreading the word.

This handy two page graphic created by Mohawk Policy Analyst Russell Diabo shows exactly how the Harper Government intends to take away the sovereignty of First Nations through imposed legislation.


Better recognize, Harper is transforming Canada for the worst

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Why isn't there more widespread awareness and opposition to how Stephen Harper is transforming Canada to conform to his narrow ideological agenda?

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A cynical view of Conservative politics and voters

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You can change the conversation. Chip in to rabble's donation drive today!

January 2014 marks eight full years of power for Prime Minister Stephen Harper, years filled with sweeping attacks on a host of things that Canadians value dearly. He and his Conservative government have damaged or weakened Canada's health-care system, social welfare programs, women's equality and human rights initiatives, First Nations rights, environmental protection, science and evidence-based policies, our international reputation as peacekeepers, and our very democracy.

| February 12, 2013

Stop Harper, how? An alternative form of political co-operation

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Change the conversation, support today.

So you want to stop Harper. Happily, you stand with a solid majority of Canadians, who are unhappy with what he represents. His government has the support of only about one Canadian in three.

Unfortunately, the opposition to his regime, a.k.a. one-man rule, is divided. Four opposition parties share prospective anti-Harper voters. Not everybody who wants to stop Harper is as engaged politically as Brigette DePape, the page who was terminated for brandishing a Stop Harper sign on the floor of the Senate.

Arab activists respond to DePape!

Egyptian activists speak about Arab Spring and support for Brigette DePape.

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