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A progressive dialogue: How young people around the world are re-inventing democracy

I took action in the Senate because I could no longer sit idly by while our government compromised the well-being of Canadians and my generation. Their agenda is perpetuating massive injustice as it cuts public jobs and services, degrades our environment, and facilitates the rise of the top 1 per cent while unemployment and poverty increase. Youth are given no guarantees -- of a decent job, or of a healthy environment in the future. This is especially the case for those who society marginalizes the most, including by class, race, gender, immigration status, and sexual orientation. Despite inflation being quite low in the past couple of years, the cost of living is always rising, making it harder and harder for the average person to get by.


Arab activists respond to DePape!

Egyptian activists speak about Arab Spring and support for Brigette DePape.

| June 5, 2011
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