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A number is never just a number: Middle-class angst

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 Percentage of Canadians who self-identify as middle class. That's down from almost 70 per cent in 2002. (Source)


The decline in median market household income between 2008 and 2011. In 2008 median market family was $49,300. (Source: CANSIM 202-0201)


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| April 25, 2014

NDP's big ideas. Right here. Right now.

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"Dream no little dreams," Tommy Douglas was fond of telling us. As premier of Saskatchewan and leader of the federal NDP, Tommy was true to his words -- delivering the first publicly funded health care system in North America while balancing 17 consecutive budgets.

Decades later, New Democrats are still dreaming big.

In his latest piece, "We need a federal politics of Big Ideas" Tyee and rabble columnist Murray Dobbin rightly points out that successive Liberal and Conservative governments have emptied the federal coffers by doling out billions in wasteful corporate tax giveaways while doing nothing to stop the growing income inequality in our country.



The middle class: The battleground of all politicians

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In the U.S., the "M" word has been on the lips of politicians from the left to the right of the political spectrum, albeit for different reasons. President Obama is not an exception. Indeed, he made the mention of the middle-class part of his electoral rhetoric immediately after the 2008 financial crisis and after hundreds of thousands of Americans lost their houses, their American dream.


Calculating household debt after the 2013 federal budget

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As both the Bank of Canada and the IMF have now reported, the Canadian economic recovery slowed in early 2013. Sadly, this contains good news.

A return to economic strength would bring an increase in interest rates. This would cause Canadian households deeply in debt to dig down even deeper to make ends meet. With weakness, rate hikes are likely delayed until 2014.

| August 24, 2012
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| June 25, 2012
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| June 11, 2012
| March 26, 2012

A number is never just a number: In the red

• $1.57 trillion
Canadians' household debt in the second quarter of 2011, reaching an all-time high this year. (Source and Source)

• 34.6 per cent
Canadians' housing equity at the end of 2010. That represents a 20-year low. (Source)

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