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Women's Boat to Gaza sends SOS before being boarded by Israeli Navy

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The women's boat to gaza was 35 nautical miles (65 kilometers) from their destination when it was diverted to an Israeli port by the Navy. Today there has also been Israeli bombing in Gaza. 

This SOS message went out from the boat before it was boarded. "Work for the freedom and human rights, the lifting of the blockade against the people of Gaza. And for the freedom for the Palestinian people and peace in the Middle East, " says Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Maguire. "We can all do this together. It's not a dream."



Avi Nesher on his new film 'Past Life,' justice, truth, memory and reconciliation

September 22, 2016
| Avi and I talked about his brilliant and beautiful new film "Past Life," and letting go, about justice, pessimism and why he believes we need to "let life take over."
Length: 30:14 minutes (20.76 MB)
Image: Flickr/Prime Minister of Israel
| September 22, 2016

Maya Zinshtein on football, racism, religion, and her new film 'Forever Pure'

September 18, 2016
| Maya and I talk about her important new film "Forever Pure," racism, religion and hate, Israel, the cost of remaining silent, and politics as sport.
Length: 36:22 minutes (24.98 MB)

Green Party of Canada votes overwhelmingly in support of BDS

August 31, 2016
| Dimitri Lascaris is Justice Critic in the Green Party’s Shadow Cabinet. He submitted the motion on boycott, divestment and sanctions of Israel that won the support of Green Party members.
Length: 12:27 minutes (11.41 MB)
Elizabeth May
| August 31, 2016
| August 11, 2016
Swimming pool in Israel
| August 3, 2016
| July 31, 2016
Image: Flickr/Shaun Merritt
| July 28, 2016
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