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Casting Othello as a white woman speaks to the marginalization and racism at Queen's

Image: Ira Aldridge/Wikimedia Commons
Even after cancelling the production, to defend its choice the directors referenced theatre's history of blackface and a 2011 Berlin production that starred a white, female Othello in a gorilla suit.

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Image: Ira Aldridge/Wikimedia Commons
| November 15, 2016
Fredy Villaneuva, Handout photo
| March 17, 2016

The Hooker Monologues

March 6, 2016
| A remarkable new production opens next week at the Firehall Arts Centre. The Hooker Monologues will present narratives directly based on the experiences of sex workers and allies.
Length: 08:59 minutes (8.24 MB)

Play: Riding on a Cloud

February 18, 2016
| Yasser Mroué was shot in the head by a sniper's bullet during the Lebanese civil war. Writer and director Rabih Mroué puts his brother on stage to tell the story of his life, before and after the war.
Length: 13:25 minutes (12.28 MB)

Seeds: Percy Schmeiser vs. Monsanto

January 13, 2016
| Annabel Soutar is a playwright who brings a journalistic awareness to her theatre production, with the dialogue taken verbatim from interviews and news stories. Her latest play is Seeds.
Length: 11:53 minutes (10.89 MB)
rabble radio

Bringing community media together under the big tent: rabble radio November 2015

November 30, 2015
| A podcast from the Community Media Convergence Conference in Ottawa November 22-24, 2015.
Length: 29:59 minutes (13.73 MB)
| November 19, 2015

Death in a Dumpster: The Musical

October 25, 2015
| Death in a Dumpster is based on a short play by renowned anti-poverty activist and author Sheila Baxter. It's been written, composed and performed by a group of street-involved youth.
Length: 13:59 minutes (12.82 MB)

One-woman show tackles story of first Jewish person in Canada

March 1, 2015
| Toronto artist Heather Hermant brings her one-woman show, "ribcage: this wide passage," to Vancouver this week. The performance tells the story of Esther Brandeau who came to colonial Canada in 1738.
Length: 14:20 minutes (13.13 MB)
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