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Design for Democracy: Casseroles for democracy

A screenshot from the author's musical documentary of the Manif Casseroles.

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We are losing our living systems, social systems, cultural systems, governing systems, stability, and our constitutional health, and we're surrendering it all at the same time.
-- Paul Hawken


New initiatives in the green energy sector

Green energy is no baby any more. These days it's more like an over-achieving graduate student. The sector that has birthed itself in a climate of denial, financial and fiscal crisis and policy ping-pong is doing surprisingly well despite getting its higher education in this school of hard knocks.

Innovation is still the essential ingredient required to bring all the pieces together to make clean energy and money, too. Two new projects that are coming to light right now give a great glimpse of the outside-the-box approaches that are bridging the new industry's needs for breadth, resilience and, above all, financing. Thank goodness, because that's what we still so desperately need.

June 30, 2011 |
Recent technological developments are creating a new assortment of viable sustainable energy options that Saskatchewan is well placed to take advantage of.
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