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Wael Ghonim on the social media spark that lit Egypt's revolutionary fire

Revolution 2.0: The Power of the People Is Greater Than the People in Power: A Memoir

by Wael Ghonim
(Mariner Books,

Reading Revolution 2.0 against the backdrop of the current unrest in Egypt, one can’t help but feel nostalgic.

After all, this book is an ode to the belief that people have the power to choose their political, social, and economic destinies -- at least if they unite in their struggle for justice.

And for all of us, it indeed seemed possible as we watched the Egyptian revolution unfold, when citizens who had up until been “unengaged,” “cautious” and “intimidated” finally broke through the barrier of fear. Who can forget those staggering scenes in Cairo’s Tahrir square full of millions of hopeful, demanding, persistent demonstrators finally finding their voice?


'Fly In' activists on mass deportation from Israel

While the remaining boats in the Free Gaza Movement's flotilla are still trying to leave the Greek ports, activists from around the world organized a mass fly-in known as the Flytilla. The activists were invited by Palestinian groups in a campaign called Welcome to Palestine and intended to protest Israel's practice of frequently denying the entry of activists and Diaspora Palestinians into the occupied Territories. The Real News' Lia Tarachansky spoke with Laura Durkay, an American activist, while she was being held in the Ben Gurion airport and with Nadine Nasir, a Canadian of Palestinian origin who has been denied entry into Israel multiple times about the experience of Palestinians trying to enter Israel or the occupied Palestinian territories.

Video: Canada Boat to Gaza activists released

Sandra Ruch speaks to PressTV after she and other Canadians aboard the Tahrir, the Canadian Boat to Gaza, were released from Greek detention.

Video: Canadian Boat 'Tahrir' raided by Greek forces

Press TV in London reports on the raid and interception of the Tahrir, the Canadian Boat to Gaza, by Greek military forces.

| July 5, 2011
| July 2, 2011
Photo Credit: US Boat to Gaza
| July 2, 2011
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